Cleaning the house can sometimes be challenging. The truth is that we have to do things to enhance the experience while cleaning so it becomes a good experience. I found that after I got crazy enough to get our broom super clean, my wife enjoyed sweeping with it so much that she would sweep even when there was not much to sweep.

Talk about creating a good experience…haha.  After she saw me getting down to business with the broom, she was like…. why did I not think of that? Then I saw a brand-new level of admiration for me arise in her eyes. I said to my evil self oh yeah I got you this time. You better not use my super clean broom now! shhhh I never said that.

Why clean a broom?

Well, some people may add that cleaning a broom is a waste of time because it will be used to clean up more mess and get all dirty repeatedly. For me, that is what cleaning is all about. If it does not get dirty, it does not need to be cleaned. If it is used in our home, it deserves the decency of being cleaned. The more clean things I have in the house, the better I feel about myself.

When it is time to remove cobwebs from the walls, it is best to clean the broom properly so you do not transfer dirt and bacteria to your walls from the ground. All too often I see people just taking the broom off the floor after a good sweep dusting down the walls and moving on like all is well. Not in my home!!!!

When to clean a broom

1. It would be really nice to have the broom cleaned on a monthly basis.

2. Whenever you use the broom to clean up really bad accidents like poop and things along that line.

3. Right before you dust your walls.

What to use to clean a broom


Just gather the following items to get your broom cleaned:

Hydrogen Peroxide

Dish soap

Baking soda

Scouring Pad



Simply Sprinkle baking soda on the entire surface of the broom. Then moisten the baking soda with hydrogen peroxide. Vinegar can also be used for this step. Let the broom soak for ten minutes.


Sprinkle dish soap all over the broom and use the scotch bright to scrub the entire broom. Let the soap really penetrate the crevices and bristles for a good clean.

Rinse and inspect to detect any leftover visible dirt.  Shake off excess water. Put it out in the sun to be dried properly.

Now your broom is all clean it is ready to remove cobwebs and dust from the walls.

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