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Get your windows sparkling with these great little tricks. Best of all the ingredients may already be right at hand in your home.

You will need:

For General Clean: Dish soap, sponge, and white vinegar.

For Squeaky Sheen: Rubbing alcohol, water, white vinegar, and a clean dry cloth.

Just sprinkle a little dish soap on the sponge and moisten it with the vinegar

Soap the window or mirror properly with the sponge and vinegar solution to remove the smears, dirt or stain that may be lingering. Use a clean dampened cloth to remove the soapy solution from the window or glass. Then make your squeak clean spray.

To make Squeaky clean spray:

Put 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol, 1/4 cup vinegar, and 1/4 cup water in a spray bottle and shake well.

Note: The rubbing alcohol in the mixture and the wiping motion will cause the solution to dry up really quickly. The dry areas should indicate completion in the cleaning of that area- given the fact that you have spritzed it and wiped it with the squeaky clean solution.

Start at the top section of the window by spraying the solution three or four times across the top. Then dry with a clean dry microfiber cloth by wiping in a circular motion until the area is dried. Repeat the process until the entire window or mirror is completed and it will look bright and squeaky.



Alternatively, you may use some newspaper to do the finishing squeaky clean method.

To do this; separate a few pages of the newspaper and crush them slightly so you can have a good grip while rubbing the glass. Crushing the newspaper also prevent your finger from touching the glass – which would smear it. It also prevents the newspaper from tearing apart and leaving tiny particles of on the glass while wiping.

As soon as a piece of newspaper is used and an area has been dried and making that squeaky clean sound, put away that piece of newspaper and move on to a new peace. Repeat the process until the entire glass is all clean.

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