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Our most kind and valuable assistance in the kitchen are the nice kitchen towels we use ever so often. We sometimes take for granted the special care we need to give to them because we have so many other important things to do.

But if we eat every day, use the kitchen every day, it should be just as important as showering every day to take care of the kitchen towels we use so we can get the best out of them. If you do not use the kitchen daily then the following method should be applied as often as you use the kitchen.

One thing is inevitable and it is really necessary too – counters will be wiped when food is prepared.

But sometimes the time to do the kitchen towels may not be right away because you might want to spend so much extra time after preparing food to be cleaning towels too. I totally get that and that is why I have come up with two easy, quick, effective and fun ways to get those kitchen towels fresh in no time at all.


Method for  grease on towels:

Wet towel with vinegar and spread it out on a cutting board or platter.

Sprinkle baking soda all over the towel on one side, place another platter or cutting board on the top and turn over both.


Lift to expose the other side of the towel.

Repeat the process of sprinkling baking soda, then sprinkle on some dish soap top of the baking soda. You can rest it aside and have your meal. The longer the baking soda stays on the towel, the more grease will be absorbed, the more stains will be broken down and the more scent causing bacteria will be killed.

However, if you want to go ahead and complete all the actions at once, instead of making it soak, it is still ok and your towel will be clean and fresh.

Sprinkle about 1/2 cup of white vinegar on the towel.

There will be a fun fizzing action taking place. Leave it for a few minutes and then you can rub the towel together in your hand in a washing motion to get it all soapy as the dish soap will kick in and strip away some more grease. Rinse thoroughly and put to dry.

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