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I really like the idea of reusable wipes but I wanted to make some and store them in a tall mason jar that I had. The thing is that my hand cannot go down to the bottom to fetch the lower ones. Then I had an idea. I need to make something that can lift them up. That’s when the idea of the feeder came to mind. So I decided to share it below.

Any mason jar can be used to stack your reusable wipes. The main thing is to have them locked up in a solution that can keep them fresh and disinfects the areas they wipe. I use vinegar with lemon and orange skin and added a little essential oil to make it awesome.

If you have a mason jar that is deep and want to make use of it, this is a way to do so.

Things I used are in the picture here but I list them below:

1 Mason Jar

4 of my Favorite color towels

7 Bamboo Skewers

1 Krazy Glue


Plastic cover

First, I cut the plastic cover into the size of the circumference of the inside of the mason jar.


Bore some holes in the plastic cover with a heated nail.

Cut the bamboo skewers into the length of the mason jar and then glue them together evenly.

Then glue them to the center of the plastic cover. I bore a hole to put the skewers through because I think they will hold stronger that way.



Fold the towels small and neat enough to fit into the jar.


Carefully stack the towels, leaving the skewers in the center so you can grab it to feed up the towels your finger can’t reach.

Pour in your mixture and cover.

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