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How to prevent smelly feet, How to use baking soda to get rid of smelly feet

It can be embarrassing to have smelly feet, but it happens to even the best of the best -we are human. But it is not the most welcoming aroma in the world.

Imagine going to the shoe store and being afraid to remove your shoes to try on another.

Finally removing your shoe only to see the sales representative slowly backing away or turning her head in the other direction as soon as you remove that shoe.

Going to visit a friend or family only to be embarrassed when you remove your shoes as everyone gets silent with the unpleasant smell and are looking at each other, and not at you… and you know why.

I suffered from this, but I found the solutions and I have no more of those embarrassing moments!

What causes smelly feel though?

First, you need to know that your feet are not the problem. It is the things you put on them and the way you treat them on a daily basis. For example, if you leave your feet wet after showering, you give bacteria the chance of growing between your toes. This may cause Athlete’s Foot which is a fungus developed between the toes is another cause of smelly feet.

Smelly feet occurs when the sweat produced has no way to evaporate and the bacteria on your skin eats the sweat and produces an acid that causes the odor.

Other causes include overwearing shoes, poor hygiene practices, overwearing socks, wearing wrong socks, certain types of medications, extreme environments, poor quality shoes.

How to prevent smelly feet

Wash feet properly every day and properly dry between the toes with a dry and separate towel from what was used to bathe.

Wear clean socks every day and never, ever repeat socks!

Wear thick cotton socks to help with cushioning your feet and absorbing the sweat produced. Cotton socks also help the skin to breathe better than nylon, silk or other materials.

Do not wear one shoe too long, if you can help it, wear shoes in intervals giving one time to rest for at least a week.

The best way of all the ways to get rid of smelly feet is to put baking soda in your shoes. Do not apply directly to your feet as it may cause your skin to strip. Just sprinkle about a teaspoon in your shoes, spread it out and it will kill the scent causing bacteria and help absorb moisture.

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