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If you live in a home, you gotta deal with spills, right? There is just no going around it. Oh especially if you have kids around. But I have a smart tip for you that will help to make spills look like no big deal. In fact, this tip will make you anticipate the next spill and just can’t wait to eliminate it. I call it the secret weapon for Vanquishing spills!

When I want to make things easier, I do some thinking and Then I come up with some ideas.  Sometimes they make no sense! But I still come up with ideas until one foolish idea makes me look like am smart!

Here is how I did it!

First I get me some cheap but soft almost microfiber cloths. (you may grab them at the dollar store) They are about a dollar fifty cents for three. I think they are close enough to microfiber as we can get, especially for that price.

Then I slice them up with a scissor into the size of about 33 by 33 centimeters, the size of regular paper napkins-not the one on the roll! The one that is separated and stacked on top of each other.

I think you can also make these with old towels… but the trick may not work the some. The Idea here is to use colors that you enjoy seeing, a cloth that you enjoy touching and so on.

I then make a mixture that I enjoy smelling. It is a mix of vinegar, water, lavender essential oil, and fresh mint leaves. This mixture smells heavenly! If you have any tough stain, use hydrogen peroxide mixed with dish soap and a little baking soda.

I stacked the towels in a mason jar and pour the mixture onto them! Cover and smile from ear to ear!

Now I want to wipe everything!

I mean to touch the soft pieces of cloth is one thing, but to have your favorite aroma rising every time you wipe is more than just a treat.

But that’s not all, the fact that the pieces of towels are cheap plus small, they are easy to rinse off quickly under the pipe. And if for any reason you want to throw one away, you won’t feel bad because they are cheap!

Go here to see how I made the reusable wipes in a  mason jar with a feeder.

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