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Being more knowledge of health and environmental best practices these days. I try my best to stay away from the store-bought air fresheners. I must admit though, that I do have two cans stashed away and I hope I never ever have to run to them for any reason whatsoever.  I have been trying to go as green as possible with cleaning in the home. Not perfect yet but getting there.

Have you ever went into the bathroom and get slapped in the face by a scent that you just was not expecting. Nine, seven and 3 years old boys are visiting and they don’t seem to “shoot straight”- if you know what I mean- when using the toilet. You know you do not have the time to do any sort of deep cleaning but you really want to get rid of the ugly unpleasant odor.

Here is a free natural recipe you can use to make an excellent air freshener:


1 cup Vodka

7 Leaves Mint

10 drops Essential Oil- I used lavender

1/2 Cup Water


Put the thyme in a spray bottle, pour the liquids on top and cover. The longer it stays the stronger the mint scent will be.

So that is it, easy as cheese!

Now I would like to know-

What is your favorite essential oil and how do you use it?

Austin: Grapes and Splendor

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