Baking soda air freshener. If you want a quick cheap and easy way to make your home smell heavenly, this is the way to do it!

Fill your life with wonders using this awesome fruity baking soda air freshener!

I am so excited to share this one because it not only looks great in the bathroom but it filled it with the most wonderful aroma ever. The good thing about it is that it serves dual purposes. It absorbs bad odors (deodorizer) and because of the infusion of other scented ingredients, it instantly became an air freshener.


1 cup baking soda

4 limes or one large lemon

15 drops Lavender or orange essential oil

Sprinkles for decoration



Use the shred section of a grater to remove the rind from the lime or lemon.

Place it in a bowl with the baking soda and toss it around. Add your sprinkles to decorate if you like, Then share it out into a small container and add your favorite essential oil all over the baking soda mixture. Place it inside your bathroom and close the door. If you return about an hour later or so you will love the scent that greets you!

But you do not have to stop there, it can also be placed in your room, the living room and anywhere else you want to smell awesome!

After reading you may want to download this free printable DUSTING CHECKLIST to have fun DUSTING so you won’t forget a single spot!

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