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Dust is normally a part of all homes and we can’t always get rid of absolutely all the dust in the house but there are several smart things that we can do in order to reduce the amount of dust so that we can breathe fresher air and thus live a longer and healthier life.

Dust contains a lot of harmful particles that we should always try to avoid at all cost. These include but not limited to; pet’s hair, dirt, tiny pieces of wood, metals, insect and their body parts, feces, and a host of other things that we do not easily see with the naked eye including dust mites and bacteria.

how to reduce dust in your home
Here is where every now and then, spider webs present themselves!


Over a period of time dust will accumulate in certain areas of our home that we may not be seeing or thinking about, or sometimes it is just avoiding it in mere procrastination. Guilty here! But for whichever reason we cause that dust to build up, it can cause a stain that is really hard to remove or even when removed it can cause discoloration of the area.

Places that this normally occur include the back or underarm of a leather sofa, the top section of a light bulb socket, the top section of the bulb itself, the top of a microwave that is placed above shoulder level, the top of refrigerators,  in ceilings especially kitchen ceilings, in the nooks and crannies of a door jamb where the hinges meet the door, between the keys of a computer/ laptop keyboard, on the back sections on fan blades, the top of closets etcetera, etcetera.

Places that the dust may not stain but guaranteed to build up includes:

Room: Under the beds, dressers, bedside tables, bed lamps and shades, Chest of drawers

Living room: Under the sofas and the sofa cushions, under the center table, all up in your carpetings and mats, Doormats, between  the leaves of indoor plants

Bathroom: Under the face basin, inside and on the back of the medicine cabinet, the back of the toilet bowl, on all the bathroom curtains especially the one at the window, the bathroom window itself.

Washroom: Behind and underneath the washers and dryers, under counters

Kitchen: Behind stoves, behind and under freezers, fridges, and counters.

General areas: curtains, under desks, carpets, and so on.

Here are some great tips to drastically reduce dust in your home!

Address Air Filters

Change your air filter very often as a lot of dust gets built up in it easily. This is the air filter that works with your (HVAC) system, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

Promote Ventilation

Open the windows very often and let in some fresh air. This will remove the stale inside air that is not as clean as the outside air. The inside air has the bacteria, hair, dead skin from all the occupants of the house and even airborne feces from the bathroom. In other words, the air on the inside is almost becoming toxic! Let it out, however, window screens are also good to filter debris that may try to enter the house.

Address Those Houseplants 

Houseplants are overlooked at times but they are a good source for the dust to lodge. To remove the dust you may spray fresh water on the leaves of it is a small leaf plant and let the water run down to the root. Bigger plants can be wiped with a damped cloth to remove the dust. You may also polish them to get a great sheen from the leaves.

The next thing about houseplants is dirt that is normally exposed. If it is kept moist it will not cause dust to accumulate, however, if it gets dry sometimes, the dist from it will spread in the house. It is therefore good to cover the dirt with either small stones, dried leaves, wood chips or whatever you may prefer.

Wash Dog’s Feet

How to reduce dust in your home

Again this is another part of keeping dust away that is normally overlooked. When your dog goes for a walk, just dip and wash those little feet in some water with dish soap and hydrogen peroxide to remove all the dirt and germs. Dry them nicely and your dog is ready again to run around in the house.

How to reduce dust in your home
See what my dog did in one day!

If you have a furry pet you certainly should consider getting a brush to remove the extra hair at least 3 times weekly.

Air Purifier 

An air purifier is good for the home that is especially high in dust particles. They are also good for people that have a dust allergy. Consider putting one into each room in case you choose this option as they are only effective for the room they are placed in.

Keep Outside Shoes Off The Inside Floor

When entering the house, place the outside shoes in a specially provided box or bag and then take it to the place to be kept before you clean it. This way you keep the dust it gathers in control.

Pack Away Clothes Neatly

It is good to fold clothes and place them in the correct areas such as baskets, closets, drawers and so on. If you can control your clothes, you can control the amount of dust you have to deal will on a daily basis. Clothes shed lots of fiber and most times we do not see those fibers until they accumulate with a lot of other things and make a mess somewhere.

Use Damped Cloth Instead Of Feather Dusters

When the feather duster is used it will only spread the dust from one place to another. Use a damped cloth to remove the dust and dispose of it properly.

Change Bedding Often

Beddings accumulate a lot of dust when used. The dead skin that is shed from the human body, the dried sweat, the dust our bodies carry, the hair we shed from all parts of us. All these make it necessary for beddings to be changed as often as possible.

Keep Insects Out

Insects are some of the major dust contributors, they will shed skin, lay eggs, have young ones, make nests, leave feces and on top of all that they eat away at our food, clothes, papers, and furniture. So the best way to reduce the dust they will cause is to seal all cracks that they might creep through and also the ones they will lodge in.

Get Rid Of Insects When Seen

As soon as you see an insect it is best to get rid of it. It does not matter if it is just one, that could be the one to call in the colony and then you have an infestation within a matter of hours. So have a handy non- toxic spray that can be used to kill them on sight. You can learn how to make one here.

Shut Away Anything Not Being Used

This refers to all the unnecessary books, clothes, pantry items, makeup items, old medicines that may be expired, boxes, electronics, cords, and all that you do not want to throw away.

Get them inside of a shuttable container. This could be a large plastic box that is shuttable, suitcase, and so on. Just get all that is not being used all locked away. Lebel the containers so you know exactly what is inside.

Pay Keen Attention To Paintings

I took down this painting that was placed close to a light bulb and the sight of what was happening behind it was not pleasant to the sight.

I had to use a paintbrush to assist me to get out all that dust from the crevices and corners. Then use a lint roller to capture some of the dust as well.

Vacuum All Over

As much as can be vacuumed, use this machine very often to remove all the dust it possibly can and dispose of it in a proper manner. Hint: a wet-dry vacuum is helpful if you have dust allergy as it will turn the dust into a soup. In this case, you will not inhale the dust while disposing of it.

If You have carpets

Carpets are the hardest things to keep from accumulating dust, if you have dust allergy it is recommended by doctors to stay away from carpets completely!

On the other hand, you may use a mixture of baking soda and orange essential oil to kill dust mites that may be living in your carpet. Use a mixture in the following ratio 1 cup of baking soda with 10-15 drops of orange essential oil.

Mix well to properly distribute the essential oil in the baking soda, and sprinkle it on the carpet. Let it stay on for at least 20 minutes and then vacuum it up.


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How To Reduce Dust In Your Home

How To Reduce Dust In Your Home


1. Address Air Filters

2. Promote Ventilation

3. Address The Houseplants

4. Wash Dog’s Feet

5. Make use of an air purifier

6. Keep Outside Shoes Off The Inside Floor

7. Pack Away Clothes Neatly

8. Use Damped Cloth Instead Of Feather Dusters

9. Change Bedding Often

10. Keep Insects Out

11. Get Rid Of Insects When Seen

12. Shut Away Anything Not Being Used

13. Vacuum All Over


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How to reduce dust in your home

how to reduce dust in your home



    • Splendor Reply

      I have rephrased that sentence to make more sense. Thanks for pointing it out. When I checked it I asked myself the same question.

  1. Audrey Ewers Reply

    I have hard water. I can not get my clothes to come out of the washer cleaner than they went in. They are clean but I would like them cleaner.

    • Splendor Reply

      Audrey, I know exactly what you mean and I can definitely help you out with that. One solution is to add 2 cups white vinegar and 30 drops of your favorite essential oil, plus 1/2 cup baking soda to your final rinse. Add your fabric softener if you so desire but will not really be needed.

    • If you have gas heat you are going to have dust bunnies all winter!!

  2. I have two cats and one dog and they ALL shed! I have hair everywhere. It seems like I dust one day and the next day there hair again and to top it off I got fleas now! Do you have a trick to get rid of them. It really grossed me out reading your message on dust. Yuck! I can’t imagine what fleas do!! Please help!!

    PS. I tried to get your free clean binder but it keeps saying my email is invalid. I have put it in and double checked and it written right. Can you help me on that too.

    Thank you so much!!

    • Splendor Reply

      Ok, Sharinda,
      I have a solution to both your requests. I will send you the binder and I do have a trick to get rid of the fleas as well. Give me a few minutes and I will sort those out for you.

  3. While reading this I was exhausted. It’s overwhelming the amount of dust that accumulates in all the nooks and crannies of ones house. One thing is disagree on is “opening the windows to let fresh air in.” The reason is for those with chronic asthma, allergies, and sinus problems. My husband has chronic sinus problems mainly from outside allergens and weather changes. My friends daughter has chronic asthma and was told not to open the windows. That’s why having a Hepa filter is very important for those who suffer with chronic issues.

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