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It can be really hard work to clean the bathroom sometimes, and when it comes to the bathtub and wall tiles, they are really no exception. The amount of soap scum that forms on these areas within one or two weeks is unbelievable. Especially if they’re more than one person using the bathroom. It can be frustrating at times to see the mess, I know! But what if there was a way to totally reduce the amount of time and money spent on cleaning your bathtub and shower walls.

What if you could use the shower for up to one month and still not see what you need to clean in the tub and shower walls?

Here are some great tips to have a clean shower and save time and money on a daily basis as you take your shower.

Turn off the shower while lathering

I know it is hard for some of use to resist the refreshing feeling that the running water gives while we are in the shower. So we keep the pipe running while we take sometimes up to two minutes to lather our bodies. (Guilty here!) But this habit really costs us probably twice the amount of water that it takes to really get our bodies clean. So if we really want to save on some of that water bill – let’s turn that pipe off while we shower, shall we!

Use a shower cap

If your hair is more than two inches in length, wash it only once per week or twice per month. You never need to wash your hair every day unless directed by a doctor to do so based on medical reasons. Or if you work in a dusty environment. Besides the less you wash your hair, the more it will strengthen and grow. And the more money you will save on hair care products!

Use a smaller rag 

If you use loofahs, they are fine for saving money but will gather much bacteria over time as people tend to forget to get them clean. However, if you use a bath rag, I would not use a large rag as this will take much more soap to make sense when lathering your body. A small or medium size rag may be better and then dry your body with a towel. This will help to save much time.

Cut low or shave

The hair underneath the underarms and on the pubic area can cost more to maintain if left to grow for a long time. While it is a controversial issue where shaving is concerned, doctors have declared that it is not necessary to shave. And that the hair is grown on certain areas for a reason. If you cut or shave the hair on these areas, you will use way less soap while showering!

Urinate in the shower

This may be one of the unexpected tips but it is practical and will help to reduce the cost of the water bill. If you calculate the amount of water you use each time you flush the toilet in one day and multiply that by the number of days in a month, you may end up flushing away up to 120 gallons of water on just urinating alone. So if you urinate while showering, it may reduce the cost significantly.

Use a shower gel instead of a bar soap: This may sound simple and some people will debate that shower gel is more expensive than bar soap and they are on a budget… Here me out on this one, I use to think so too. And there are some pros to using bar soap too, but as it relates to what I am discussing, the liquid soap seems to beat the bar soap hands down.

Here are my findings on that after testing and comparing the two for a while. Bar soap will leave a lot of mushy soap scum in the tub, on the walls, and on the shower curtains – and that is double work if you ask me, they tend to make your skin more dry and irritated, therefore it will heal more slowly when injured. They lather poorly and they sometimes fall down the drain, health professionals also say that it traps and transfers bacteria.

On the other hand, when shower gel lather touches the walls, curtains or shower enclosure, it can easily be washed off while bathing as it does not have much grease in it.

The time it takes to be rubbing away to lather the washcloth with the bar soap and then you have your body to lather afterward, that’s too long for me. The liquid soap will only take a few seconds and you have more lather than you need. Time saved!

When you are washing yourself off, the shower walls, the bathtub, and the shower curtain will be left clean if you only splash some water wherever the lather may have touched. Time saved!

Baking soda tips and hacks to save more …

Use baking soda on the washcloth along with the shower gel when lathering your body. This helps to clean your body and soothe the skin.

It helps to capture the grease that may build up in the tub and carry it away. However, even if you do not use baking soda, you will not see any soap scum for a very long time, especially in the tub! That’s money saved on other products that would have to be used to clean your bathtub and shower walls. Time saved on cleaning the bathroom!

It also prevents odors on your washcloth and keeps the fibers softer for a longer time. Hence, giving you the ability to use your bathing rag for a longer time than normal and feeling more comfortable while using it. This is also a great way to save if you have children. If they learn to take care of their rags and let it last longer, you save money easily.

At the end of the day, I think I really like using liquid soap and baking soda in my shower!

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