These are some more awesome cleaning hacks you probably never thought of. The entire article for each cleaning hacks are just one click away, however, I give short tip on each just in case you do not want to be bothered with the entire article and its details.

How to clean dirty window track?

Awesome cleaning hacks


Here is a smart cleaning hack for your dirtiest window track ever! Get it clean with peace of mind using one simple but smart hack! Use a toothbrush to remove dirt, throw in some baking soda and splash it with a little vinegar. Find it here.

How To Remove Hard Water Stains From Toilet Bowls

Get rid of the rings and yellow or brown marks in your toilet bowl. They are caused by hard water coming from your toilet tank.  Destroy them with hot white vinegar and baking soda or you may try two other smart tricks. Find the full post here.

Insect/weed Killer that can destroy insects on spot!

This is a powerful mixture that can literally kill insects on spot. It kills weeds in days with no effort at all. All-natural ingredients and safe for pets. Get it here!

A clever way to clean your broom

How to clean your dirty broom and make sweeping feel so clean. This is important, especially when dusting and cleaning walls. Just fling on some baking soda, assist that with some hydrogen peroxide and dish soap, get handy with a scouring pad and… See the full article here.

How to Prevent Stink on YOUR Kitchen Towel

Kitchen towels can get smelly really easily because they are used to remove so much grease and food stains on the counters and so on. Refresh your kitchen towel and keep it from getting smelly with baking soda dish soap and a few more simple items. see the full article here.

Essential oil to get rid of bugs and make your home smell wonderful

Use these essential oils to get rid of bugs in your home and from off your pets. In the process, your home will smell amazing. You can find the full article here.

How to make windows and mirrors squeaky

Here are some awesome tips to remove all the smears and dirt from your windows and mirrors with ease.

Liquid Air Freshener

Make your home smell amazing with some very simple ingredients. Store-bought air fresheners are no match for this! Click here for how to do it.

How to combat scent in shoes

Anyone can have smelly shoes, as long as you can sweat it can happen. Here are some smart tips to get rid of that scent easily and cheaply too.

How To Clean Wooden Cutting Board

Easy cleaning hacks on how to clean a wooden cutting board. Here is a simple tutorial!

How To Reduce Dust In Your Home

Dust is dangerous, and we do not want to inhale all those nasty tiny little particles from insects, feces, dirt, metals, wood, fabric and so much more.

We may not be able to get rid of all the dust in our homes. But we can reduce it. Use these great tips to reduce the amount of dust that might develop in your home. Make your home as dust-free as possible. Full article here.

In case you may be wondering – How do I remove grease from my kitchen cabinet?

Kitchen cabinets can get greasy and full of grime over time. Use oil soap wood cleaner mixed with water and a mild scouring pad or baking soda to make a paste and rub it on with a cloth let it soak and rub it off, BOOM! Get those cabinets sparkling without stripping the surface off! Full article here!




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