It is understandable that we have to co-exist with animals and they make up a very important part of the ecosystem. Some of them need us and we need some of them.

However, we cannot have them disrupting and destroying what we plant just because they need food. Just like a thief do not have the right to just come and take what you have because he is hungry, right?

Burrowing animals can cause more damage than we are able to predict. The obvious is that they will dig up all around and leave holes in the yard causing an untidy look. Then they either damage or eat the roots of your timely planted vegetables. Now, what do you feed your kids with?

But what is not usually predictable is that if you have small pets that might be nosey enough to poke their head into one of these holes, they might just have their face scratched off by one of those razor-sharp claws that they use to dig. Another unforeseen event could be someone’s foot falling into one of these holes and then they get a sprained ankle!

 Some of the ways to get rid of these animals may be baiting and trapping, but to be disposing of dead animals all the time is so not cool. They do cost us, but for me killing is not the first of best option at all. 

So in this article, we will look at ways to get rid of burrowing animals without killing. Your pets and children will also have the freedom to roam around the yard without fear of picking up poison or getting caught in a trap. Oh yes, and you will not have to worry about disposing of any dead animals.

Types of burrowing animals to look for include: Voles, Gophers, Moles, and Groundhogs. This solution gets rid of them all.


How to get rid of burrowing animals with dawn dish soap
Image of a Gopher

Gopher diet: These animals are strict herbivores. They mostly feed on the fleshy parts of plants and roots as well.


how to get rid of burrowing animals? this is a one stop solution that can help you get rid of all burrowing animals in the lawn or garden.

Groundhog’s diet: Some of the most essential components of a groundhog’s diet are nuts, foliage that comes from bushes, ferns, grass, flowers, fruits, and grains. Some of the plants that groundhogs eat most are clovers, asters, plantains, sorrel, dandelion and chicken weed.


how to get rid of burrowing animals with dawn dish soap
Image of a Mole

Moles diet include grubs and worms and any insect they find underground. So they do not eat plants but while searching for their food, they cause damage to the root of your nice crops.

how to get rid of burrowing animals

Herbivores. Voles diet include the roots of all of your plants. They will eat almost any plant root. They are so good at burrowing and will just eat away al all the roots that your plants grow. They can leave you with an overnight garden of all dead plants. So do not get so happy that they are herbivorous.

How to get rid of burrowing animals

Some gardener may use chemical solutions but we want to look at natural solutions such as creating barriers and making the environment uncomfortable for them.

Here is how to use dawn dish soap and some castor oil to get rid of any burrowing animal.

You will need: 

Castor Oil

Dawn dish soap

Garden Hose Spraying attachment


Place 1/4 cup of castor oil into a bottle (20-ounce bottle is good). Add 3 teaspoons of dawn dish soap and two cups of water and shake vigorously until well combined.

Attach the garden hose spraying attachment and spray all over the lawn. Make sure the areas are properly soaked, to do this you may have to do sections at a time depending on the size of your lawn. Pay attention to the areas where holes or mounds are and soak those as well. Place some fresh dirt in the holes and soak the fresh dirt.

All burrowing animals hate this solution and will stay away from any dirt that has it. Frustrate the heck out all of them and they will leave your property.

After about seven days, repeat the process by soaking the same areas again to ensure that any burrowing animal that wants to try to be persistent will leave because you are way more persistent than they can ever imagine.

This is a great way to save MONEY! Seriously.



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