When it comes to bathrooms, scent happens and that’s that. We only need to find ways and means to fight back those bad scents, and we can be super successful at doing just that every single day.

As often as the bathroom is used, so often do we need to pay it some attention in terms of addressing the scent that may be left.

When it comes to males, they can sometimes be irresponsible in spraying urine contrary to the position of the toilet bowl. This can cause a stench to build up in a sneaky way.

When it comes to feces, that one is way too obvious to leave on its own for even a short time. It needs to be addressed immediately as it occurs.

So how do we deal with this in a practical manner that will not cause too much work or without causing anyone to feel embarrassed about using the bathroom?

Do not worry, Grapes and Splendor got some good tips for ya!

Encourage Ventilation

The first step of addressing the scents that accumulate in the bathroom is by making sure that the bathroom is properly ventilated. Letting fresh air pass through is very important in taking out the bad air and causing the older odor to leave.

Proper ventilation also prevents mold and mildew from forming in the bathroom. Hence the scent of mold and mildew will not contribute to the scents in the bathroom.

Proper ventilation also gets rid of feces scent quicker than when the bathroom is all shut up on all sides.

Add An Odor Absorber

Place a vase in the bathroom with baking soda or vinegar. The bigger your bathroom, the bigger the vase needs to be in order to be effective in absorbing scents.

Place some form of decor on the top of the vase to not let the baking soda or vinegar just show up and be bare and obvious. 

Add some essential oils to the vase to help create pleasant aromas in the bathroom.

A combination of baking soda and vinegar can be added as the following photos will demonstrate;

Place a smaller container on top of the baking soda and pour some vinegar in it.

Add some essential oils to the vinegar.

You may also add a tealight to the container with the vinegar to heat up the liquid and cause the essential oil and vinegar scents to evaporate faster and fill the bathroom.


Add Some Vanilla And A Tealight

In the same manner as the vinegar, place some vanilla into a smaller container.

Add the tealight and light it to evaporate that beautiful vanilla scent into the bathroom. It will smell like cookies.


In fact, burning tealights gives a warm fuzzy feeling to the heart. Who can resist these cute little lights?

Clean Out The Trash

The trash can in the bathroom is one of the major contributing factors that will cause bad scents to develop. Ensure it is emptied often and made very clean each time. You can also place baking soda at the bottom of the trash before placing the liner in it. This will cause the baking soda to absorb scents from the trash that is kept in it.

Put A Scent Killer In The Trash Can


While the trash can may not be the most popular place in the bathroom, it certainly has its use. It provides ease when we have things to discard.

Here are a few ways to make your trash can smell so nice that it even adds to the sweet aroma of your bathroom.

Use Car Fresheners

You may place a car freshener in your trash can right before you put in the liner.

Or you could stick one of those Air Wick stickups in the top of your trash can cover.


Or you may use both at the same time if you want.

But there is nothing quite like having pleasant scents oozing from your trash can. 

Camphor Balls In The Trash Can

I would wear a dust mask when handling this one!

According to research, this one is pretty dangerous in that it is said to be filled with carcinogens! I use it sometimes but I think if it used there should be great care taken to avoid inhaling the fumes from camphor balls.  It will kill odors in the trash and prevent insects from gathering in certain corners and crevices of the house.

Place it in the bottom of the trash can before putting the liner in.

How to use: Bore lots of holes in the small package that you buy and then place it in the planned area or remove a few and put them in another small plastic bag with lots of holes. Keep away from pets!

It can also be kept in the lower part of the sink to eliminate odors and keep insects away.

Place A Decorative Ornament

Making the bathroom smell good does not have to be overbearingly obvious. You can place a decorative ornament at a strategic location in the room and add a pleasant scent to it.

To do this you may find a secret place on or in the ornament and hide a piece of sponge or cotton ball that you dripped a good little amount of essential oil on. This will ooze out in the bathroom and create a wonderful essence.


Make Use Of Fabric Softener Or Detergents


Leave some fabric softener in the toilet tank by dissolving it in the water. This will give a surprise burst of fresh aroma to salute you when you flush. It also makes the bathroom smell good while it sits there in the toilet tank.

Alternatively, you could dissolve about a teaspoon in water in the cork of the fabric softener and pour it into the toilet bowl. Keep a bottle of your favorite fabric softener in the bathroom to use little by little every time you use the bathroom.

Use liquid laundry detergent just as the fabric softeners. As the fabric softeners may be greasy, the detergents will help to strip the grease that may build up.

Use Scented Vinegar

You can make scented vinegar by adding essential oils or with citrus skin. By placing some leftover peel from your oranges or other citrus fruits. Just pack the skins into a bottle or jar of white vinegar and let it sit for a few weeks.

After that you may go ahead and use the vinegar for all kinds of cleaning household projects including wiping down the bathroom counter, spraying the toilet bowl, pouring some of the vinegar into the toilet tank, and pouring some of the vinegar into the drains. Each of these will leave the sweet scent of citrus lingering in the bathroom.

Pour Fabric Softener Down The Sink Drain

Pour some of your favorite fabric softeners down the sink drain and leave it to ooze out into the rest of the bathroom.

There is a section of the drain that is shaped like a p which is there to trap water and prevent scent from coming out of one part of the drain into the house. The softener will be settled there and the scent will rise up into the bathroom.

Freshen Up The Air With Fabuloso

Put some fabuloso into the toilet tank and into the sink drain as well.

Burn Some Incense Sticks

Incense sticks will give off a pleasant smelling smoke which has a double effect. The smoke kills microbes in the air that will cause scent, while it leaves the environment smelling refreshing.

The following tip is pretty unorthodox, but it is truly one of the most effective in killing feces scent. 

Burn Some Rolled Tissue

Just like burning incense sticks, this will need you to take the necessary safety precautions to prevent your place from burning down. Put it on a flat plate or something of that sort that can catch the ashes. 

Smokers, do not need the safety precaution tip to handle open flame of this sort, because they are used to it. But for those of us who do not smoke. Please take care to be safe.

How to do the tissue trick?


Roll out some tissue about twenty-four inches in length. Fold it evenly to become twelve inches. Fold again to become six inches. Twist the tissue from one end to the other end to let it form into a tight roll.

Light it and let the tip catch properly like charcoal or cigarette, then put out the blazing flame. The smoke will be ready to rise. Place it just in the manner you would an incense stick.

Burn A Scented Candle

This tip is pretty easy and it is obvious what will happen when a scented candle is burnt. It could be helpful to make your bathroom smell wonderful.

Last but certainly not least…

Purex Crystals

This by far the longest-lasting scent in the bathroom. I just poured about haft a cup into a container that seems appropriate and let it stay there and the whole bathroom was smelling so good!

Brilliant Bathroom Smell Hacks That Are Worth Keeping

Brilliant Bathroom Smell Hacks That Are Worth Keeping

Easy and affordable tips to make your bathroom smell amazing.


  1. Add an odor absorber to your bathroom
  2. Promote Ventilation
  3. Use Vinegar and baking soda together
  4. Add essential to vinegar and use a tealight to let it evaporate
  5. Add some vanilla and use a tealight to let It evaporate
  6. Clean out the trash
  7. Place a decorative ornament and put some scent on it
  8. Use fabric softener in your toilet tank
  9. Pour fabric softener down your sink drain
  10. Clean your bathroom with scented vinegar
  11. Use fabuloso in your toilet tank and or in the sink drain
  12. Burn some incense sticks
  13. Burn rolled-up tissue, which is a great scent destroyer
  14. Light a scented candle
  15. Throw in some Purex crystals


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  1. CHRISTIANS WARNING ABOUT BURNING INCENSE. DO NOT do that tip. That is a BIG no no! Every other advice on this list is great advice. Thank you! God bless.

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