Ever wonder how the house gets messy so easily and so often and is so hard to clean up back? I certainly know how that feels. The art of beating the mess is to arm yourself with some knowledge and a few tools and cleaning ingredients that work better than the regular ones do.

Here are eight smart cleaning hacks that will help you along with your cleaning to make things a bit easier for you.

1. Remove Permanent Marker

Use toothpaste to remove permanent markers from walls, furniture, and other hard surfaces. Rub the toothpaste on the mark and wipe it away with a clean dry cloth.

Remove permanent marker using WD-40. just spray a liberal amount on the mark let it soak for a few seconds and wipe away. you may have to repeat this several times depending on the type of surface you are cleaning.

Remove permanent marker using rubbing alcohol. Wet the surface where the marker has stained and wiped it away with a clean dry cloth. Repeat the process to ensure the surface is cleaned properly.

2. Remove Crayon Marks

There are several ways to remove crayon marks from walls and other surfaces. Bear in mind that crayon is just some colored wax. Anything that degreases, can remove a crayon make. For example, use baking soda either as it is in the form of powder or make a paste with it. Rub that on the crayon mark and it will strip it away.

Use WD-40 by just spraying it onto the mark and wiping it away. You can also use the power of hot air to get rid of the crayon mark. Just turn on a blow dryer and point the hot air onto the crayon mark to heat it up. Wipe it away with a dry cloth.

3. Uses Of Eraser Sponge/ Magic Eraser

Use an eraser sponge to clean your shoes while keeping it dry. Rub in a hard manner from left to right to remove scuff marks and all visible dirt.

4. Remove scuff marks from baseboards with an eraser sponge

Baseboards tend to get messy without much effort. Because it is so close to the floor, every now and then scuff marks and dirt will appear. Use an eraser sponge to get rid of all the marks from the baseboards.

5. Remove Paint Marks

Eraser sponges have a stiff structure that allows them to remove dried paint marks from walls and baseboards. Rub the marks firmly from side to side and press hard on the sponge while doing so.

6. Hair Conditioner To Soften Fabric

If by any chance you run out or run short of fabric softener and you have some stiff clothing or towel that you want to be revived so that it feels much more comfortable. Add one cup of hair conditioner to the rinse cycle and you will be good to go.

7. Shred Or Cut   Soap More Convenient Usage

Use this smart trick to take advantage of even the smallest pieces of bar soap. Shred or cut the soap and make a hole in the scouring sponge.

Place the soap inside the sponge and use it more conveniently. Wet the soap and sponge together and rub them up till they get foamy. Wash whatever you are washing without running out of soap.

8. Make A Soap Dish With A Sponge

Place your bar soap on top of a piece of sponge to drain. You may also cut out the sponge in the shape of the soap to make an indent that will prevent the soap from sliding off.

This way of draining the soap will allow it to dry without the build-up of soapy messes at the bottom of the other types of soap dishes.

9. Get Rid Of Dust With A Soft Toothbrush

It may be a smart idea to use a soft toothbrush to remove built-up dust from gadgets with buttons that may have dust in the small crevices. A soft toothbrush can also remove dust from your indoor plants.

Slightly dampen the brush before use to prevent the dust from just flying around.

10. Remove Grease From the Bathtub And Tiles

Use a combination of warm vinegar and dish soap to strip away all the greasy grime that builds up over time. Just place two cups of warm vinegar and two teaspoons of dish soap in a spray bottle or even a bowl container.

Use a scouring pad to wash away. Watch all the grease strip off and the bathtub and tiles get so clean.

11. Clear A Clogged Drain

To clear a clogged drain, pour one cup of salt mixed with baking soda in equal portions. Pour one cup of vinegar down the drain and covet it for five minutes. Remove the drain cover and pour half a gallon of boiling water into the drain and the blockage will be removed.

12. Coat Metal Cans Before Packing Them

Use clear nail polish to coat the bottom and top edges of cans to prevent them from rusting and leaving a rust ring on shelves. Just place a thin coat on the ring area. It serves as protection for the metal.

So there you have it, hope you were assisted as best as possible with these tips. Have a happy cleaning time.




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