When we have food in season and in abundance, it is the best time to take full advantage of them, one of those ways is to eat them. Smile. Seriously though, this is the best time for us to do some canning at home for ourselves.

When we buy canned fruits and veggies from industries, we are really not sure what and what they add to them to make them last forever so that they can make a profit.

The best advice I can give is to jump onto google and research anything you do not already know how to can, and get going with canning your own fruits and veggies, so you make use of them right when you have no more of them in season

Here are some smart ideas to use up the fruits and veggies that you can during the fall.

Baked Beans

Baked beans are truly delicious right from the can. How about buying the beans raw this fall and making our own favorite style of baked beans to preserve for the coming months. This will be much cheaper in the long run, and you get a sense of security to know that you have good food stored up.

Pizza sauce Tomato

For all the pizza lovers, here is the perfect opportunity to make use of one of the main ingredients in your pizza. How about making your own pizza sauce? Tweak it to your liking and secure your food for later.

Jam – Grape

When the grapes are cheap and appearing everywhere in the stores and the farmers markets. Buy then, make some grape jams and you could make some extra money when the season is out. In fact, you could make money from grape jam even while grapes are in season.

Jelly- Strawberry

Strawberries are one of the most popular fruits on the planet. Even those who have never seen a real fruit, or know what the trees look like, still knows strawberries. This fruit produces such a flavor that consumers cannot resist its charms. Make yourself some good strawberry jam with some real strawberries when they are in season. It will be more than worth it.

Pie filling

How about catering for some pie fillings with apples. Make some blueberry fillings as well. This will came in really handy. The beauty of it is to know that these fillings was make by you.

Sweet Corn

Can as much corn as you can this fall. In the winter months, which are really right around the corner, youcan enjoy your creation in the form of sweet corn of any other salad twist you choose.

Salad dressing

Make a salad dressing or better yet, make many salad dressings with the availabilith of fruits and vegetables you have at hand. Make your favorite, your loved ones’ favorite and some for extra options.


Canning veggies for soup is great! You can preserve the types that best fit your soup needs, but better you, you can can your very own soup and just reheat it whenever you feel for it. Especially in the very cold times of winter.

Chili- stew

Got some red peas and some tomatoes? Make some chili stew and can it! You will be so happy to have a great meal ready to serve that was made and waiting to be eaten.

Pumpkin Pie Filling

Do you like pumpkin pie? Good, fall brings about the most pumpkin displays ever. Make use of the excitement and abundance of pumpkin. Can some and make enough to share with friends and relatives later on. Making money from it is also another cook part of the package to put in your thoughts.

Carrot Juice

Why do we find ourselves spending money on canned carrot juice? Why not buy as much as we can manage and make that juice ourselves. Can it and have that for use whenever.


Do you like the taste of fermented cabbage? Use up the cabbage in abondance to make yourself some Saukeraute.

Canned potato

If we preserve some potatoes, we could make some salads, soups or what ever we want from it.

Hot pepper sauce

Spice up your life with some delicious hot pepper sauce. It is good to always have your very own hot pepper sauce around. I would not even stop using it from the time it was prepared and canned. I have to make enough pepper sauce to last all year round.


Sometimes we have avocado trees and do not know what to do with the excess. Or maybe we find that avocado is really cheap. A good idea is to make guacamole and can it. Great for future when this fruit is out.

Cake Fruits mix

Can as many fruits and in as many varieties as you can. If you do not eat certain fruits, they can be used to make cakes.

Escovithced veggies

Escoviched veggies consists of onions, carrots and scotch bonnet peppers. Can these and have an awesome and flavorful time when you are ready to enjoy some fried fish

Baby food

Make some baby food if you or someone you know have a baby. Can it and have proper nutricious and real foods to feed the baby with when it is out of season.

Beet root Ice cream

Can some beet root as well if you find them in abundance. One good idea to use it up is to make some beetroot ice cream.

Thanks for the read, this should give a few ideas as to what to do with fruits and veggies you do not want to waste.


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