Edible flowers have been around since the 18th century and are still being used today. Edible flowers are really good to have in our gardens at home. They add a great deal of value to any garden. They are not just good for food, but also adds beauty and some of them add some sweet fragrance as well. To top it off, if you cultivate edible plants in a certain way you will be able to make some money on the side by using it as a side hustle for another source of income.

Below we present you with ten edible plants and the taste they offer as well as the dished they could be used in.


The cornflower (Centaurea cyanus) is also called bachelor’s button, or basket flower. This flower is said to have been originated in Europe and later sent all over other parts of the world. It bears its blue flowers once per year. The taste of this flower is clove-like. It is normally used as a garnish to decorate plates.

Gem Marigold

Marigold comes in lots of different varieties. The one being referenced here is not the regular backyard marigold. This particular marigold is sometimes called Signet marigold or lemon signet marigold. This annual flower has a difference in scent from the typical strong-scented marigolds. Is carries a light citrusy scent. This adds a lemon-like flavor to salads. It has a spicy and citrusy taste.


This popular flower is used for a variety of purposes and it seems as if the uses of lavender flowers will never end. Just like a lot of herbs in the category of the lavender plant. Lavender is also edible.

Uses Of Lavender

Its flowers and leaves can be used fresh in your favorite cocktails and for garnishing a wide variety of dishes. But the buds and stems have to be dried before use. It has a sweet floral taste with a hint of citrus.


They say that roses are red and violets are, well obviously blue. But did you know that you can eat them too? The flowers of the violet plant have a sweet perfume flavor. It is normally used on cake decorating when the flowers are crystallized with sugar.


Since we mention violets, why not talk about the roses as well. Roses have a sweet fruity taste. Its petals and blossoms give salads and desserts, smoothies, syrups and teas a unique and special flavor. Also good for freezing in ice cubes for drinks.


Daisies have a beautiful color when it blooms. Did you know that you could eat those blooms raw? They give a slightly bitter or acrid taste but are good for salads, smoothies, teas, and cocktails as well.


Carnation flowers give a peppery and spicy flavor to your tastebuds. They are good for adding to toss salads and eaten fresh, but can also be candied and used in desserts.

Borage Blossom 

Borage Blossoms are one of the prettiest of all edible flowers, the blue star-shaped blossoms seem mismatched against the hairy foliage of the sprawling borage plant, but they hold up remarkably well after picking. Pluck the flowers from the stem and remove the back stem to separate the delicate pointed blossom. This has a refreshing cucumber taste. It is good to be used in smoothies,  desserts, garnishes, soups, and dips.


Based on certain research done, all chrysanthemums are edible, but the flavors will vary from sweet to tangy to bitter or peppery. Used for making teas, and for garnishing desserts.


This flower is very effective in helping to calm the nerves with its sedative and medicinal properties. It is normally used to make teas when dried. However, it can also be used to garnish desserts and cocktails. It has a mild apple flavor.

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