For some of us, we cannot resist the taste of tea in the mornings or at nights, especially at certain times of the year, but what do we do with all those tea bags that seem so insignificant? Or are they really?

Here Grapes and Splendor offers you more than 20 ways you could make good use of old teabags in your home.


Next time you make your tea, don’t throw out your used tea bag you just may have use for it. Place the old tea bag in a container with cold water and store it in the fridge. This will work well in your ice tea to make it stronger and more flavorful. It is also very cost-effective.


Tea bags are great absorbers. It also works well with a nose bleed. If you are out of cotton rolls. Reach for an old tea bag. Use this to place at your nose. It will absorb the flow until it stops. USE ONLY FOR EMERGENCIES.


If you manage to get a graze. This can cause a penetrating burn. Soothes area by rubbing a used tea bag on it. The burning will stop and this will also help it to heal much faster. These are truly amazing.


Dark circles and puffiness around the eyes appear for various reasons. Most time it cannot be prevented. To help to reduce puffiness and lightens dark circles. Place an old tea bag over your eyes for 20 minutes. Your eyes will be happy you did.


Tea bags are an excellent mirror cleaner. I would say it’s just perfect for cleaning all types of mirrors. Simply rub a damp tea bag on it to get the streaks out. You will be surprised at how clean that mirror looks You will never buy another glass cleaner.



If you are cooking and want to add that wow!! taste to your recipe. Here is the perfect ingredient. Soak a tea bag in boiling water. Remove, and use water to cook your chicken, pasta, fish and any other food you think may need some sprucing up. Your guest and family will be amazed.



Tea bags are an excellent rug and carpet cleaner. They will have your rug/carpet smelling clean and natural. To clean your rugs, store used tea bags in water in the fridge.

This will prevent them from going bad. Continue storing until there is enough to cover rugs. Open tea bags and sprinkle on the area. Allow to slightly dry. Vacuum as usual.



To create an air freshener. Simply drop a few drops of your favorite essential oils on a used tea bag.

With the string, hang tea bag anywhere needing some freshening up. This can be useful in cars, and offices too. This is really a great homemade air freshener.


Before washing those greasy dishes there is something you can do to help the process. Soak them in a sink filled with water. Drop a few used bags of tea bags to release grease. Wash with your favorite dish soap. This will save you the trouble of scrubbing to get them clean.


A tea bag is a perfect source of antioxidants. Our skin needs these for radiance and that soft feel. Adding a used tea bag to your bath is sure to help your skin glow. Add tea bags to your bath or just hang them on the faucet and let the water flow through it. ENJOY YOUR SHOWER.


Tea bags are perfect for sunburn, sores, tired eyes, and inflammation. Simply place on the affected area to soothes it. The tea bag is also good for stings and insect bites. This will stop the swelling and ease the pain.


To create your own homemade mouth wash. Make a brew using a used tea bag. Peppermint is highly recommended. Cool, and use this as a mouth wash daily for fresh minty breath. There will be no damage to your teeth as other mouth wash may contribute.


The pinkeye season is close. You certainly don’t want to be caught off guard. You will be needing something to help fight these viruses. Draw out infections using used tea bags. Place the tea bag on the affected area. This will help it to heal faster while soothing the pain.


To help soothes your feet or just to soften those hard areas. Place feet into warm water. Add a few used tea bags and soak feet for 20 minutes. your feet will be thanking you. They will be softer and simply feeling much better.


If you just have to do a tooth extraction, but the gauze they gave you is just not stopping the flow. Try using a tea bag to stuff the area in your mouth. This will absorb the excess flow. This is not recommended for old tea bags, but I just had to give you this one. Change as often as needed. This is advised by some dentists.


If you are searching for a natural fertilizer that is healthy for your plants and so to the environment. Here is the ideal one. Mix used tea bags in the soil around your plants.

This will add nitrogen while attracting good bacteria that lowers the ph level in the soil. Earthworms will also enjoy this.


Tea bags are best known to absorb. Placing a used tea bag in your trash can will absorb the bad odor. You may want to place more than one for the best results. Place tea bag in your trash can even if there is no odor, this will prevent the can from having one.


Finding the right cleaner for your toilet is brain-racking, as there are so many ways to get the job done. To find a low-cost way of doing it is to use old tea bags. Drop a few bags in your toilet and let it sit for 1/2 hour. Remove bags and wash the bowl with a toilet brush. YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE YOUR EYES.


Placing old tea bags in your fridge is a good way of keeping your fridge smelling great. This a very low-cost way as it will save you the trouble of finding a cleaner to keep it fresh. Place a few used tea bags in your fridge to keep unpleasant odors away.


To chase away mice tea bags are a good start. Place tea bags in areas such as cupboards, pantries, drawers and anywhere they may hunt for food. Mice hate the smell of tea bags. They will lose interest and not return to pest you again. This is also a safe method to use around the house.

[21] Deodorize Your Shoes

If you have some smelly shoes and want a cheap and easy way to keep the scent down. Throw in some old dried peppermint tea bags. Leave it in the shoe till you are ready to wear it again. 

[22] Air Freshener #2

Place a few drops of essential oils onto some old dried teabags. Hang them onto your standing fan to give the room a really nice scent when it is turned on.

[23] Make Your Clothes Smell Garden Fresh

Sprinkle your favorite essential oil onto some old dried teabags and place them all over your clothes drawer.

Whenever you open it up, some sweet scent will greet you. Teabags also help to deter insects from entering your drawer as well.

Who knew that we could do so much with old tea bags in the home? I sure hope something from these tips inspired some creativity in you! Now go make the best use of those old tea bags, and do share any other tips you have, I would love to hear them as well.

20+ Genius Ways To Reuse Old Tea Bags Around The Home




  1. Make Tea Stronger
  2. Nose Bleed Emergency Pad
  3. Soothes Razor Cut
  4. Lightens Dark Eye Circles 
  5. Clean Your Mirror
  6. Flavor Enhancer
  7. Carpet And Rug Cleaner
  8. Homemade Air Freshener
  9. Degreaser
  10. Bath Antioxidant
  11. Soothes Irritated Skin
  12. Fights Bad Breath
  13. Combat Infection
  14. Foot Soak
  15. Dental Aide Absorber
  16. Garden Care
  17. Trash Can Deodorizer
  18. Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  19. Fridge Deodorizer
  20. Pest Control
  21. Deodorize Your Shoes
  22. Air Freshener #2
  23. Make Your Clothes Smell Garden Fresh


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