Introducing the diverse uses of one of the most versatile, time-saving and efficient products on the market. “WD 40”.

This is corrosion preventing, lubricating and protective element. This product can be used to do a number of different jobs around the house and save you time and money. 

We will be discussing some of the things WD-40 can be used to do. Things you may already know and others will be new to you. 


Remove Chewing Gum from Anything With WD-40

 Chewing gum is the number one choice for the freshness of breath and keeping one’s breath fresh throughout the day. The downside to this great breath freshener is the way we discard it when we are through with using it.

People stick used gum everywhere as in wherever your hands find a surface is where you will stick that piece of used gum. Till you are cleaning that particular furniture or have a reason to interact with that surface the gum will remain there.

Anyways what WD-40 does to gum is dislodge gum from your carpet, shoes, or anywhere else. Spray the area let it sit, then pull the gum off.

Remove Hard Water Stains From Faucets

Your faucets normally give a shiny slick look to the bathroom and kitchen. Whether it is silver, chrome, copper or gold. It is always refreshing to see those glistening faucets in your home.

However, water normally splashes on them and cause a white and smeary looking thing to form on the faucets. It will look really unattractive. Get rid of it quickly by just using a few spritzes of WD-40.

Remove Paint Marks from Your Car Using WD-40

Did another car rub on yours in the parking lot and leave their own paint behind as a reminder? Or did you get rubbed in traffic or maybe it was a nudge at an intersection. As drivers, we sometimes forget our defensive driving techniques which can lead to us being in these little situations.

Luckily there is a “quick-fix-it yourself” method that can assist using WD-40. Just spray the area, wait a few seconds, and then wipe it with a clean rag. Your original paint job will be restored.


Remove Tar and Stubborn Scuff Marks With WD-40

 For persons who do the cleaning, you will always come upon these marks on floors and door jams. Sometimes at the foot of wooden furniture. I use to wonder where to do these hard to remove marks come from.

The thing I Dread about them is how scuff marks can make a beautiful surface look tattered.  Surprisingly while cleaning a tool one day I placed it on the floor and sprayed it with WD-40.

When I started wiping away the bit that caught the tile I noticed something magical. I was removing the tar and stubborn scuff marks from hard-surfaced floors by spraying it with WD-40 and scrubbing. How it works is by spraying a small amount of WD-40 on the area with the scuff then scrub.


Clean Oil Spots from The Driveway Using WD-40

Oil spots can make an expensive driveway look like the oil change area of a gas station. And it also says to a person that knows about vehicles that you are not treating your car with the respect it deserves for taking you around daily.

 If you are not willing to treat the car well your driveway will have ugly oil stains left behind from a leaky vehicle? To remove them spray the area with WD-40 and then hose it off. You will have the newest looking driveway on the block in no time.


Bring Faded Plastic Furniture Back to Life With WD-40

Do you have plastic furniture that has spent too long sitting outside? Like your favorite chair to watch the sunset or stargaze. Most times they will give you a level of comfort that you enjoy and want to cherish.

For that reason, you will want to keep them looking fresh. To maintain that new color look, here is a quick and easy way.

Spray the items with WD-40 and wipe it with a soft cloth to get some more life out of your outdoor furniture. It will look almost new again after a good wipe down.


Separate Stuck Glassware Using WD-40

When working with small storage space sometimes you may have to stack your glass item to get them to fit. At other times it is to create space for other items why you stack them.

If you find yourself with two glasses that are completely stuck together, spray them with a little WD-40 and wait a few seconds. They will slide apart with ease.

Just make sure to wash them well before using. You really don’t want to be forcing them apart and end up breaking something. Or worst cause an accident that could have been prevented by simply using WD-40.

Tone Down a Polyurethane Shine Using WD-40

A freshly done polyurethane floor is beautifully dangerous. Tread carefully on this floor when it’s just done or when you are wearing regular shoes. Be especially wary of your kids playing in this section of the house when it is just done. They could easily have slipping accidents. 

However, to tone things down when your floor is too shiny after having it sealed. Put some WD-40 on a soft cloth and wipe the surface to remove some of the shine.


Remove  Crayon Mark with  WD-40

Having A  toddler around will keep you alert and constantly aware of what they are doing or about to do.  But careful as you are they somehow find that moment to slip in some art on the wall or practice their writing.

At the end of the day when they are taking a nap or fall asleep at night giving you time for cleaning up, you become truly grateful for the ability that WD-40 has to remove crayon from painted walls that have a sheen, furniture, and clothing.

To remove crayon marks from these areas spray them with WD-40 and wipe with a rag. 

Remove Ink Stains using WD-40

Kids’ clothes will always have ink marks or leaks on them. Occasionally this may be the case for an adult. But for a teenager, it is a sure thing when they just start using a pen.

To remove ink stains from jeans and leather apply WD-40 to the spot, let it sit and then wash the clothing item with detergent.


Remove Lipstick Stains with WD-40


Women look like beautiful dolls in makeup. Personally, I steer clear of a woman in makeup especially when am wearing my favorite threads.

I have had a number of different makeup accidents that I just couldn’t fix with detergents. However, now that I have discovered WD-40. It is your best choice when it comes to lipstick stain removal.

It works to remove the stain even if you’ve washed the article of clothing. Now I am not as averse to being touched by makeup faces. What you do is apply WD-40 to the area with the makeup rub it in and wash with detergent.



Clean Stains on Your Carpet with the aid of WD-40

Maintaining the beauty of your carpet help to keep the room looking it’s best. It is also important to understand how to keep beautiful by doing basic things. Like not eat on nor around it, no shoes on it. Swipe the rooms of your house daily etc. Now to clean the stained areas.

Spray any stains with WD-40, wait a minute or two, and then use a sponge and some warm soapy water or carpet cleaner to finish removing the stain. It should come right off.


Prevent Water Stains on Glass Doors

Having a glass shower might seem to be a luxury or least it gives a luxurious feeling. However, when you can see those stains on it you get a tone down feeling on the luxury. Why because you want it to look spotless all the time.

Now there is a way to keep it looking that way by simply spraying WD-40 on your glass shower doors, then use a soft rag to rub it on. Do this to both sides of the shower glasses and door to prevent water stains from accumulating.


Get Rid of Tea Stains Using WD-40

Most of the time we don’t pay attention to the marks left on the countertop from pouring tea. The same may be said for when we take that same cup from the slip and put it on the breakfast table.

Now we have inadvertently created two areas with tea stains. Funny enough when we really start noticing is at the point where you ask yourself ” where did all these tea stain marks come from. ” Since most times, you will wipe the area you do not expect stains to be there. But wiping really does not remove the stains.

When you get to this point of questioning, you can spray some WD-40 on it and wipe it away with a sponge to remove the stains.


Unstick Scissors and pliers Using WD-40


If you are not the handyman kind of person that tries to fix things around your home on a regular basis. You will only remember the tools you bought when you went shopping for your new home or apartment when you really need to use them.

At this point, they may have been sitting in a tool pan for a long time. Giving the suttle elements of nature time to have an effect on them. This will cause the moving parts to stick.

To remedy that use WD-40 to spray your scissors or pliers in the moving parts so that they won’t stick while you use them. This also works if they are already sticking. Spray the moving to get it moving again.


Clean up your BBQ  grill Using WD-40

BBQ grills can become grimy and covered with caked-on food.  Sometime people will forget about their grill cleaning until they are planning another  BBQ. You really should clean your grill soon after you use it.

To clean your grill first use a wire brush to remove the excess food on the grill. After that spray, it down with some WD-40, wait for 30 seconds, then scrub away with a wire brush.

Your BBQ grill will look shiny and new like the day you bought it. When you are done cleaning with the brush. Use a wash pad, soap, and water to wash the grill then spray a bit of WD-40 to prevent rusting.


Releasing Stuck Zipper Using WD-40


Any kind of stuck zipper is irritating. The most aggregating of them all is when you are doing your last-minute packing for a surprise getaway. What makes you so overwhelmed is this.

You are thinking I don’t want to apply too much pressure to it and break the zipper since this is my only case but it just won’t budge.

Luckily for you, WD-40 will help to get your stubborn zipper unstuck and will make it slide easier. Spray WD-40, on your zipper and try to shimmy it up and down to let the WD-40 lubricate the zipper. Before you know it will be gliding smoother than an ice skater in the ring. 


Degrease your hands Using  WD-40 


After a day of working on the car in your garage, your hands probably took quite the beating and they’re covered in grease. Spray some WD-40 into your palms and give them a rub, wipe with a paper towel, then rinse with soap and water.

The grease is gone! You may need to repeat this process a few times to get completely clean hands. When it gets to cleaning your fingernails spray them with WD-40 let it sit for couple seconds.

Have one of those cuticle sticks on hand to clean under your nails and around your cuticle. Cleaning your fingernails after working on your car is the most challenging and time-consuming but repeat the process two to three times and they will look like you just came from the spa.


Remove decals Using WD-40


Congratulations! You bought a new car! But the only thing is–the year decal and any other promo decals are still stuck to the windshield and windows. Easily remove them with a spritz of WD-40. Wait for about 30 seconds and wipe them away.


WD-40 is a Great solution for  Getting Rid of Strong Glue

If your fingers ever get stuck together with superglue? Spray some WD-40 on it and rub your fingers together until it goes away. You can also use it to remove glue from unwanted surfaces.

For ladies who like to wear tips that may sometimes break leave a bit still attached to your fingernail. Spritz the bit you want to remove with WD-40 let it sit for 30 seconds and gently peel the tip off your fingernail. The same applies if you wish to remove from all your fingers. 


Use WD-40 To Protect Your Tools

If you ever have the chance to compare tools that are protected by a thin layer of WD-40 To those that are not you will never leave your tools unprotected.

Leaving your tools to the elements of nature will destroy them quicker than you think. Protecting your tools is a quick and easy process to follow after each use. Apply a thin layer of WD-40 to your tools to ward off the rust and keep them working properly.


Using WD-40 to  Remove Stickers

Removing stickers can give a lot of different unfavorable results. Worst is when it ruins the gift or gift card. Thankfully now there is a way to do this and still keep the item looking great. 

An exception to using WD-40 to remove stickers is, “Don’t use it on paper. ” With that said this is how you use it effectively. Spray some WD-40 on a stubborn sticker or price tag and rub the sticker off with a cloth. It will peel right off.


Pretreat Stains with WD-40

Very few people understand how to treat stained clothing effectively. Even those involved in the business of farming and mechanics usually wash and wear their clothes with the stains. Here is how WD-40 can help to make tough jobs easy. 

If you have any particularly stained clothing, spray some WD-40 on the stain before it sets.  Then throws the clothing into the wash as usual. This is particularly helpful for blood or other difficult to remove stains.


Keep Golf Clubs Clean and Protected with WD-40 


Playing religiously each weekend can take a toll on your irons. But maintaining a clean set of irons is even more important to a successful round. Keeping your irons in clean and ready for the next round is a matter of cleaning them at the end of each round or getting them cleaned. And for maintaining a sparkle. 

Use WD-40 on the metal portions of your golf clubs to keep them shining and rust-free for many years and gold games to come.


Prevent Silver from Tarnishing  Using WD-40

Having beautiful silverware collection on your dining table gives you a feeling of abundance. However, washing alone is not enough to get them looking sparkling. After washing you could do the following. Spray some WD-40 on a rag and use it to wipe down your silver to prevent it from tarnishing and keep them in good condition for years to come. Doing this each time you wash your silverware will give them that mirror sparkle.


Clean Toilet Bowl Using WD-40

I notice that you will easily use a whole bottle of limescale remover and the results are still not satisfying. How many times have you tried scrubbing away the gunk or limescale and it just smiles at your effort? Sometimes scratching toilet ceramic in an effort to get rid of this unwanted look. Thankfully now you can simply spray WD-40 into your toilet bowl and wipe it down with a toilet brush to get rid of gunk and lime buildup.


After going through these twenty-five ( 25 ) things a person can use WD-40 to do inside your home, I feel confident to say each person who reads this article will find at least five reasons to have a  WD-40 at home.


25 Ways To Use WD-40 At Home To Save Time And Money

Need to save time and money? Use WD-40. Here are 25 ways in which you can use WD-40 to save time and money.


    1. Remove Chewing Gum from Anything With WD-40
    2. Remove Hard Water Stains From Faucets
    3. Remove Paint Marks from Your Car Using WD-40
    4. Remove Tar and Stubborn Scuff Marks With WD-40
    5. Clean Oil Spots from The Driveway Using WD-40
    6. Bring Faded Plastic Furniture Back to Life With WD-40
    7. Separate Stuck Glassware Using WD-40
    8. Tone Down a Polyurethane Shine Using WD-40
    9. Remove  Crayon Mark with  WD-40
    10. Remove Lipstick Stains with WD-40
    11. Clean Stains on Your Carpet with the aid of WD-40
    12. Prevent Water Stains on Glass Doors
    13. Get Rid of Tea Stains Using WD-40
    14. Unstick Scissors and pliers Using WD-40
    15. Clean up your BBQ  grill Using WD-40
    16. Releasing Stuck Zipper Using WD-40
    17. Degrease your hands Using  WD-40
    18. Remove decals Using WD-40
    19. WD-40 is a Great solution for  Getting Rid of Strong Glue
    20. Use WD-40 To Protect Your Tools
    21. Using WD-40 to  Remove Stickers
    22. Pretreat Stains with WD-40
    23. Keep Golf Clubs Clean and Protected with WD-40
    24. Prevent Silver from Tarnishing  Using WD-40
    25. Clean Toilet Bowl Using WD-40


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