There can be many unconventional uses for popular household items. Using one household product in multiple ways is one way to save money and get the best use from your supplies.

It is always a good idea to have items that can serve multiple purposes. One such product is dawn dish soap.

Not only is dawn dish soap amazing on plates but, it can be tough on stains and soft on the skin.

As a result, here are 25 ways to use dawn dish soap.

1. Saving Wildlife

Dawn, as a company, prides itself on being gentle on skin. It is delicate and not harsh to endangered animals.

In certain areas, animals like ducks often suffer from oil spills that leak into water bodies behind factories and industrial plants.
Dawn dish soap can be used to wash the grease off these animals as industrial lubricant causes animals like ducks to stifle and die over time. Simply, lather with dawn dish soap and rinse clean with room temperature to warm water.

2. Melting ice

During the winter season, driveways and sidewalks get clogged with ice from the snow. You may find yourself fighting with the ice to get around. Some folks may even fall and get hurt in this season.

Save yourself the hospital bill and clear up any excessive ice the easy way. Simply mix one teaspoon of Dawn dish soap, one tablespoon of rubbing alcohol, and 1/2 gallon of hot water. Pour this mixture over the excessive ice and enjoy walking on concrete in the winter.

3. Washing Hands

Dawn dish soap is not only gentle on wildlife but also gentle on your skin. If you run out of hand soap and is worried about the harshness of other solvents. I have great news.

Dawn dish soap is amazing at breaking up grease while leaving the fabric of your skin intact. It is safe to keep some in your bathroom or near sinks that hand washing takes place. Use a little to lather, rinse, and repeat.

4. Cleaning Children’s Toys

Another use for Dawn dish soap is to wash delicate children’s and baby toys. Children’s toys can be difficult to clean but are necessary because children are susceptible to germs.

Due to this, their toys need frequent cleaning with products that aren’t harsh or toxic. Dawn dish soap is perfect, just mix one teaspoon with 2 cups of water and use it to wash the toys when you see the need.

5. Poison Ivy

Poison ivy spreads through the grease inside the blisters. Once you itch and they burst, it starts spreading through your fingertips. An easy fix for this is to wash the area with Dawn dish soap.

The soap will do a good job of drying up the fluid and keeping it from spreading. The advantage of dawn dish soap is that it allows your skin to remain soft and intact.

6. Bathing Pets

It can be difficult to find products that will protect your pet’s fur or fuzz. Also, pet shampoo can be expensive. It is easy to solve both these issues in one product. Dawn dish soap will clean your pet right up and leave their fur soft and shiny.

For other soaps, you may end up with matted and dry fur. Simply, lather your wet pet with a small amount of dawn dish soap, rinse clean and groom accordingly.

7. Lens Cleaner

Lens cleaner for cameras, lenses, and glasses can be expensive and essentially another product to keep around the house to carry out a simple enough task. Take charge of this by using Dawn dish soap and water to clean your lenses.

Add a drop of Dawn dish soap to 1 cup of water. Wipe it on with a soft hand towel and ensure to focus on the smudges and gunk. next, wipe it clean with a fresh towel and shine your lens with a microfiber cloth.

8. Used As A Lubricant

Use Dawn dish soap to lubricate door hinges or metal gates. Over time, sliding and swinging hinges will seize due to excessive use and the weather.

During the rainy season or winter, your doors may need assistance to stay swinging without noise or hesitation.

Simply put, Dawn dish soap on to a brush and brush it onto your slide hinges or in the crease of your sliding door. Also, pour Dawn dish soap into your swing hinges to eliminate squeaking and seizing.

9. Pesticide

Dawn dish soap is an amazing tool to protect your house plants from pests like mealy bugs, spider mites, and aphids. Simply add a drop of Dawn dish soap to two cups of water and put it in a spray bottle.

Shake well and use the soapy water to mist your plants occasionally. Using this the solution is a safe and effective way to repel pests and protect your plants.

10. Cleaning Cloth Diapers

Dawn dish soap will act by stripping away oily residue. Just squirt a small amount into your washer with warm water and the cloth diapers. Rinse until the water runs clear, and there are no more bubbles.

Be careful not to use too much soap because Dawn dish soap is highly concentrated and will become a bubbly mess if you use too much at once.

11. Repelling Ants

Similar to protecting plants. you can protect your home from ants. Before the ants come marching in, create a solution of 1 drop of dawn dish soap and water, and apply it to main entry points.

This product is known to keep the ants at bay while smelling amazing. Another way to use it for protection at home is to put it into cleaning solutions for the surfaces and floors of your home.

12. Cleaning Jewelry

Over time, jewelry will get cloudy and may need a cleaning. This is especially so if it’s in storage for a long period. There is no need to go to expensive jewelers or purchase expensive cleaning solutions.

The answer is right in the palm of your hands. It’s a simple solution of  1 teaspoon of Dawn dish soap and 2 cups of water. Wash your jewelry with this mixture and a delicate jewelry brush. Soon you’ll have grease-free and shiny jewelry that looks like new.

13. Making Bubbles

If you’re bored at home or have kids who are bored out of their minds, Dawn dish soap has room for some fun. It can be used to make bubbles. Mix 1/2 cup  Dawn soap, 1/2 gallon of warm water, and one tablespoon glycerin.

Skim the foamy section from the top as too much foam may cause the bubbles to break down. Now it’s time to dip your bubble wand and have a great time.

14. Greasy Hair Issues

When children are present, there is room for the most interesting things to come into play. Like sticky and greasy items in their hair. For a parent in panic, the first option may be to cut the hair and be done with it.

However, that no longer needs to be the first option. When your children’s hair gets gunked up with gum, play dough, and other sticky and greasy messes, here is the solution.

Get the hair wet, lather with a Dawn dish soap; the amount will depend on the size of the mess. Next, rinse thoroughly, removing bits and pieces of debris that would remain.

15. Shampoo

There may be times when you run out of shampoo and need a grease busting solution. Dawn dish soap will have you all clean in no time. It’s gentle on the skin, but tough on grease nature will have your hair feeling amazing.

It’s great for chemical treated and natural hair. Use a pea-sized amount to lather and rinse until the water runs clear. Then, it’s time to condition, moisturize, and style as usual.

16. Pool Cleaner

Pools can get gunky and dirty very quickly. Drain the pool and use a solution of Dawn dish soap and water to scrub the sides of the pool. Using bleach may cause the paint to weaken and strip. This may be costly to replace.

This hack can work for wading pools as well. It may be best to use Dawn dish soap to clean your kiddie pool because bleach will not only cause the plastic to weaken and strip but will also leave harmful residue.

Another way clean the pool is to squirt dawn dish soap down the middle of the pool and watch as all the dirt and grease moves to the edges for easy cleaning experience.

17. Ice Pack

Have you ever wondered what’s inside an ice pack? Have you ever been in a situation where you need an ice pack and have none?

If you go camping often or just need a cost-effective way to make an ice pack, Dawn dish soap will do.

Simply put, half a zip-type bag with dawn dish soap and place in the freezer. Once it is frozen, you will have the perfect ice pack on hand.

18. Multipurpose Cleaner


Dawn dish soap is a little more than just for dishes. It is a versatile cleaner that will be tough on grease and grime and amazingly soft on skin and eyes.

It doesn’t contain harsh fumes that cause burning in the eyes and will not destroy the fabric of your skin, causing stripping and blisters. Therefore, Dawn dish soap can be used to clean almost anything around the home.

19. Makeup Remover

Being gentle on the skin also makes this great dish soap is a perfect proxy for removing makeup after a long day. Simply apply a small amount to a moist rag and rub the powder away.

Rinse until there are no more suds and slip. Then proceed with your beauty routine. This will remove even the oiliest and waterproof mascara.

20. Paint Remover

After a tough paint job, Dawn dish soap and corn oil will remove even the toughest of paints form your skin. Firstly, rub your skin with corn oil until the painted areas are completely covered.

Secondly, lather those same areas with Dawn dish soap and rinse clean. By extension, the result will be soft, supple skin that is free of paint splatter.

21. Cleaning Windows

To get your windows sparkling clean and clear, just give them a lather with a small amount of Dawn dish soap and water. In other words, drop one tablespoon of Dawn dish soap in 1 gallon of water.

Then use a cleaning rag or pouf to wash your windows. After this, you can clean the soap away with a hose or wipe away the soap with a window wiper.

22. Driveway Degreaser

In a matter of time, your driveway may get dark and oily with motor oil and other liquids from your vehicles. Dawn dish soap will do an excellent job of cleaning and lifting all the grease and dirt.

As a result, add 1 cup of dawn dish soap to a bucket of water for your driveway. You may also add other products for your cleaning pleasure.

Use a wire brush or something softer to scrub away all the grease and get the space as clean and fresh as you need.

23. Used as a Gardening Solution-Aphid Free Fruit Trees

Aphids are small sap-sucking insects. Commonly known as greenfly and blackfly. These insects attack your fruit trees and may deprive leaves of proper ventilation, which may, in turn, affect the yield.

If you have reason to suspect that these pests are affecting your fruit trees, simply spray the leaves with one teaspoon of Dawn dish soap and a gallon of water, let sit for 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly. This way, you will break up the Aphid and rinse him away.

24. Grill Cleaner

Make a solution of 1 cup of Dawn dish soap and 1 gallon of water in a container. Mix this until the dish soap dissolves.

The next step is to place the grill rack inside the water. Let it soak for 30 minutes to an hour. After the grease has loosened up, use a scouring pad to wash the grill rack before you rinse it clean.

25. Clear Away Grout Mold

When you have tiles, especially in your bathroom, mold begins to develop over time. This is particularly the case with areas that get wet frequently. A solution of 1 tablespoon of Dawn dish soap and 1 liter of water in a spray bottle can clear this up.

Simply give the area a spritz and let it sit for 30 minutes to an hour. Next, scrub it with a small brush and wash away the loosened mold. Enjoy seeing your grout clean again.

You can use Dawn dish soap for various reasons around the home. It is a one-stop-shop for cleaning large and small messes.

It is also cost-effective as it can be used in smaller portions and will go a long way. As a bonus, Dawn dish soap can be given as a house warming token along with a copy of this article or a link to this article.


30 Smart And Useful Car Cleaning Hacks That Makes Total Sense

30 Smart And Useful Car Cleaning Hacks That Makes Total Sense


  • Car cleaning is a regular practice for all car owners who want to have a nice feeling when traveling, knowing that their surrounding is clear of dirt or extra garbage. These car cleaning tips will give practical ideas that will help get the job done.


    Wash the outside of the car first with soap and water.

    Clean the windshield and buff it with old newspaper.

    Remove dirt from rims and get them shining with WD-40.

    Do an effective vacuuming of all possible areas of your car interior.

    Clean the leather areas of the car with wd-40 or Pledge furniture polish.

    Clean the cup holders and use Q-tip to assist with tiny areas.

    Use peanut butter to remove tar.

    Use a mop to reach far areas such as the roof.

    Use rubbing alcohol to clean the windshield.

    Use toothpaste to remove stains from different areas.

    Make a DIY cleaner with vinegar and linseed oil.

    Use baby wipes to clean the glove compartment.

    Use cornstarch to remove grease stains from seats.

    Use an onion to remove scorch marks, then wipe the scent away with a wet cloth.

    Use cupcake holders to protect the base of your cup holders.

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