When cleaning, it can be a hassle to have multiple cleaning solutions to use at every turn.

Some products can be used to clean in multiple circumstances and will save you a lot of money.

One such product is Murphy’s oil soap. A vegetable oil soap that is organic and will protect every surface it touches from ware.

Here are 25 Murphy’s oil soap hacks.

1. Cleaning Leather Furniture

The leather around the home can be easily cleaned using oil soap. It’s easy to use and will remove the need for harsh chemicals and leave strong odors on your leather furniture.

First, wipe off as much dirt as possible with a clean rag. Then add 1 or 2 drops of oil soap to 1 cup of water. Soak the rag in the solution and squeeze out the excess. Use small sections as over saturating can damage your leather.

2. Stainless Steel Appliances

Cleaners for stainless steel can be quite expensive and need to be applied often. Stainless steel is meant to be luxurious, but it is high maintenance.

It gets dirty quickly and needs to be cleaned routinely. They often attract smudges and end up looking messy.

Using Murphy’s oil soap to appliances like your refrigerator will give it a glossy and bright finish that will make it look brand new.

3. Carpet Stain Remover

To give your large carpet stains a lift, clean with Murphy’s oil soap. Just add the oil soap to the vacuum solution, and it will do the hard work while you simply vacuum.

For spot treatments, add a small amount directly to the affected area, let it sit for 30 minutes to an hour. After the stain shows signs of lifting, scrub clean, or vacuum to get your carpet stain free.

4. Cleaning Wooden Cabinets

Murphy’s oil soap is ideal for cleaning the interior and exterior of your wooden cabinets. It will add a beautiful shine and protect the gorgeous wood.

Cabinets are one of those places that we tend to use just about anything to clean, and this can damage the wood. With the price of wood cleaners, this is understandable. Employ Murphy’s oil soap and never use harsh cleaners again.

5. Add to Your Magic Eraser

Magic erasers can be great cleaners, but sometimes they need extra help. There are times when you are dealing with tough stains or stuck-on grime, and the magic eraser alone just cannot withstand the rigor.

Place a few drops of Murphy’s oil soap onto your magic eraser and use it to get those stubborn stains out. It’s a great cost-effective way to get the most out of your magic eraser as well.

6. Keeping Furniture New

It is important to take care of your furniture as it can be one of the biggest investments we make in our home. Therefore, it is important to take care of them.

Furniture polish can be a bit expensive, and the scent might be a little too synthetic. Applying oil soap to your furniture can help to remove dirt, add a beautiful shine, and ensure that your pieces last a very long time.

Murphy’s oil soap will also add a protective coat that will help your furniture to last longer.

7. Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Create an all-purpose cleaning solution for a fraction of the cost by adding one teaspoon of Murphy’s oil soap to a spray bottle of warm water.

For a stronger solution, use less water and more soap. Use this to clean various surfaces and areas of your house. With this solution, you can clean areas that are often overlooked, like wood home decor and your stair railing.

These areas will bring the difference to how clean and fresh your home looks when cleaned with oil soap.

8. Cracking Laminate Floors

Laminate floors may be a cheaper alternative to organic wood floors, but it will still prove to be expensive. Here’s how to use Murphy’s oil soap to your laminated floor to keep it from popping and cracking over time.

Simply apply the oil soap as you would apply any other cleaner. It will act as a conditioner and will ensure that you experience less squeaking. The oil soap will also act as a lubricant for when the panels rub together.

9. Organic Pesticide

The organic pesticide will help to ensure that your homegrown fruits and vegetable remain organic. However, this is hard to come by as it can be expensive, and not every plant store carries these.

As a result, it will be less costly to get creative. One creative way to make organic pesticides is by making white oil from Murphy’s oil soap. Simply combine one cup vegetable oil with 1/4 cup of Murphy Oil Soap.

Place the soap in a spray bottle and top it off with water. Give your plants and spray, and pests will become stuck and eventually die.

10. Homemade Cleaning Wipes

Create your very own cleaning wipes by mixing 1 cup of white vinegar, one tablespoon of baking soda, two tablespoons of Murphy Soap Oil, and 2 cups of warm water.

Pour this solution over some microfiber towels or disposable water wipes and allow them to soak it up for about an hour. This natural cleaning solution will last a long time and will be effective in cleaning surfaces quickly or removing stains efficiently.

11. On Your Car Interior and Exterior

Use a microfiber cloth as this will not leave lint all over your surfaces. pour Murphy’s oil soap on to your cloth and begin cleaning your dashboard, upholstery and steering wheel. 

Also, use it on your windows, doors, windshield wipers, etc. This will quickly give you that clean, crisp look, you only seem to get when you take your car to get detailed. The scent will also be amazing.

12. Removing Paint From Paint Brushes

As a painter, my father would soak his paintbrushes in vegetable oil before washing them clean. This is because the oil will help to lift the paint easily. Then all that will be left to do will be to wash the oil away.

Do all this in 1 step using Murphy’s oil soap. Dabble the paintbrushes in oil soap and work it up to a lather, rinse it clean, and your brushes will appear brand new. No more picking pain from your paintbrushes and no more rotting bristles because of paint residue.

13. Banister Cleaner

Wood railings can be a great focal point in your home and can get quite grimy over time. Use oil soap to keep them protected and looking new by wiping them with a smooth cloth smothered with Murphy’s oil soap.

It will remove the dirt and give your banisters luster and shine. It will even help to protect the wood railings on the outside from the heat, wind, and cold.

14. Permanent Marker Remover

If you have kids, you know well that things are always getting marked on, even things that shouldn’t be marked on.

To a child, the difference between whiteboard markers and permanent markers are non-existent. As a result, whiteboards suffer a lot at the hand of curious kids. You end up replacing them every time because they are so important.

There is no longer a need to replace your whiteboard or any surface. Just rub some oil soap into the areas with the permanent marker and wipe it clean.

15. Cleaning the Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sinks can get dull over time and seem impossible to clean, due to heavy use. To reverse the effects of hard water and extensive use, apply Murphy’s oil soap. To do this, first, clean your sink with soap and water.

Wash away all the excess hard water stains and gunk. Then apply oil soap to the entire sink and rinse it away. You’ll end up with a shiny and new kitchen sink.

16. Bathroom Cleaner

The entire bathroom can be cleaned with one solution. Mix Murphy’s oil soap with water in a spray bottle, use this solution to clean the shower, tub, sink, floors, walls, and wooden surfaces.

This tip helps you to cover so many bases and is a great money saver. You won’t regret using it, and it becomes a matter of choice to use other tools such as vinegar, baking soda, bleach, or scrubbing bubbles.

17. Cleaning Plastic Surfaces

Trash cans, A/C units, and other plastic surfaces in your home can easily be cleaned using Murphy’s oil soap. Simply apply it to a cloth and use this cloth to wipe away grease and dirt.

Other surfaces that can be cleaned with Murphy’s oil soap rather easily include the exterior of washers and dryers. You can even make special wipes with this oil soap and save them from cleaning your plastic surfaces specifically.

18. Ceramic Tiles

Clean your ceramic tile floors easily using a mixture of water, baking soda, and oil soap. Clean with a mop as you would normally or drizzle the solution on the floor and wipe with a large wet wipe attached to a broom.

Dispose of the first wipe and give it a second wipe. This is quick and easy and will not require you to rinse and squeeze your mop.

19. Car Wheels and Hub Caps

Clean your car wheels and hub caps with a dryer sheet and a solution of Murphy’s oil soap and water. For tires, you will need to use a wire brush or a more heavy-duty cleaning sponge.

This will get your hub caps to shine and your tires to look jet black in no time. This tip works perfectly if you don’t have time for an overall car wash or if you’re on the road and need to stay looking crisp.

20. Cleaning Jewelry

One cup of Murphy’s oil soap mixed well with 1 liter of water will make your jewelry look like new. Use a soft brush to apply the solution to your earring, necklace, or ring.

Scrub gently in circular motions before you rinse it completely clean until the water rungs clear, and there are no more indications of soap.

Hang your jewelry to dry and watch it shine! No more expensive jewelers to simply clean your jewelry.

21. Potter’s Wheel Lubricant

Store-bought lubricants can be expensive. Save yourself some cash by using Murphy’s oil soap to lubricate your potter’s wheel.

It will keep your wheel turning smoothly, as well as ensure that you have enough moisture to eliminate squeaking. You can also apply it to your hands as a bonus to prevent the clay from drying and sticking to you.

22. Swiffer Jet Refill

If you own a Swiffer wet jet or any other spray mop, you know well that it can be quite pricey to replace the cleaning solution.

Instead of investing in a store-bought solution, it will be worth it to invest in a couple of bottles of Murphy’s oil soap. It will clean floors just as effectively if not better and will save you a lot of money.

You can also make it stretch by adding water or empower it by dissolving baking soda, borax or bar keepers friend in it before putting it in the wet jet refill bottle.

23. Making Your Fixtures Shine

When cleaning, we tend to overlook fixtures and clean around them either for lack of time or for lack of energy. Nothing makes your home look cheaper than having dirty and dull fixtures.

Murphy’s oil soap can clean them right up. Use a rag to wipe down the fixtures around your home with Murphy’s oil soap. This will restore the luster and shine that brought that premium look to your home.

24. DIY Soft Scrub Cleanser

Most of the time, when we purchase soft scrub cleansers, we don’t repurchase for a long time because they’re so pricey. Always have a soft scrub solution around by combining 1 cup of baking soda with 2 cups of Murphy’s oil soap.

The oil soap will deodorize and disinfect, and the baking soda will give you that strong scrubbing power that comes with most soft scrub cleansers.

25. Clean Painted Walls

It can be difficult to clean painted surfaces around your home without threatening to lift and damage the paint and the surface. This is especially the case if you have kids.

Painted walls tend to get messy and need frequent cleaning. These can be safely cleaned with a rag and Murphy’s oil soap. It will lift the stains and not the paint if you just rub it gently.

In conclusion, you can use Murphy’s oil soap as a cost-effective and efficient one-stop-shop when cleaning.

There will be no need to purchase different cleaning solutions for every room and surface in your home.

This oil soap can be used to deep clean, spot treat, or just do a quick clean with no water involved. Employ these hacks to reap the great benefits of Murphy’s oil soap.


25 Murphy's Oil Soap Hacks

Murphy's oil soap is one of the best cleaning products. It has many uses that are simple and environment friendly. here are 25 Murphy's Oil soap hacks that you should try.


    1. Cleaning Leather Couches
    2. Cleans Stainless Steel Appliances
    3. Great for Removing Carpet Stains
    4. Cleaning Wooden Cabinets
    5. Add to Your Magic Eraser
    6. Keeps your Furniture New
    7. Murphy's oil soap is a Multi-Purpose Cleaner
    8. Used on Laminate Floors
    9. Murphy's Oil Soap is used as an Organic Pesticide
    10. Make Homemade Cleaning Wipes using Murphy's Oil Soap
    11. Clean your Car Interior and Exterior
    12. Removing Paint From Paintbrushes
    13. Banister Cleaner
    14. Permanent Marker Remover
    15. Cleaning the Kitchen Sink
    16. Murphy's oil soap is used as a bathroomBathroom Cleaner
    17. Cleans Plastic Surfaces
    18. Cleans Ceramic Tiles
    19. Cleans Car Wheels and Hub Caps
    20. Cleans Jewelry Well
    21. Murphy's Oil Soap is Used as a Potter’s Wheel Lubricant
    22. Refill your Swiffer Jet Using Murphy's Oil Soap
    23. Makes Your Fixtures Shine
    24. DIY Soft Scrub Cleanser
    25. Clean Painted Walls


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