A clean bathroom is always a statement.

There are times when the bathrooms need to be cleaned in a hurry.

Whether it be for lack of time or last minutes guests, there are ways to get this task done in a jiffy.

Here are 25 ways to clean your bathroom fast.


1. Remove All Items From Their Usual Spot

It is best to do this for the entire bathroom instead of as you go.  Remove all products from the surfaces and take out your mats and carpeting.

Removing Items will allow you to give the room a wipe down quickly and the opportunity to place everything neatly. This is a quick way to clean as there is nothing in your way, which means nothing is interrupting the cleaning process.

2. Dust and Sweep

Another way to make your bathroom clean again is to dust and sweep. Use your duster to clean away dust and cobwebs on your lights, fixtures vents, and even static decor.

Once you’ve reached up high and gotten ever thing above, then you’re all set to sweep and vacuum the floors and rugs. Pay attention to the corners as dust will accumulate there and help the place to look dirty.

3. Apply Cleaner to Shower and Bathtub

Apply all-purpose cleaner to your shower, bathtub, and toilet. If you have a lot of build-ups, apply an acid-based cleaner. Pay attention to your shower track, shower door, or curtain.

Let it soak and rinse clean with fresh water. This will enable your bathroom to look cleaner and feel refreshing and light. This is one way to clean if you’re expecting some stay over guests but have no time to clean the entire room.

4. Tackle Other Surfaces

Wipe all your surfaces. Spray your choice of cleaner onto a cleaning device like a cloth or sponge and wipe down all your surfaces.

Pay attention to sinks, shelves, baseboards, doors, blinds, and windowsills. I sometimes choose to work in sections from the top of the room to the bottom and from left to right.

5. Clean the Floor

Make one cleaning solution for the floor before you begin cleaning. This will enable you to have the floor cleaner on hand for use. One quick way I clean the floor is by pouring disinfectant onto the floor and wiping it with a mop.

Then I rinse the mop clean and wipe the floor with fresh water. This method is quicker and does not require buffing. Especially if you use Murphy’s Oil Soap.

6. Hit the Shower and Bathtub

Cleaning the shower and the bathtub will make the bathroom smell fresher and be much cleaner. If you’re in a hurry, it’s one of the best ways to give your bathroom a pick me up.

This even can be done while you take a shower. During your shower, as you lather and rinse yourself, give your tub a lather as well. Then rinse the tup before you rinse your self.

7. Baking Soda Cleaning

Use baking soda to give your bathroom an overhaul. Baking soda can be used to clean your sink and shower, and it can be used to shine your faucets and clean down the bathroom walls.

Also, baking soda can be used to clean mirrors and shower doors. Simply add it to the water you’re using to clean or apply it directly to the surface and wash it clean.

8. Clean the Vanity Area

When we have areas in the bathroom that we consistently use every day, it may cause the entire room to look dirty. If you take a small amount of time to clean up the vanity area, it will make all the difference.

Wipe down the sink, faucets, and countertops with your favorite cleaning solution. Simply scrub or wipe clean and with a damp cloth, wipe down all the loose dust on cabinets, shelves, and decor.

9. Clean the Toilet

Cleaning the toilet often can give your bathroom the lift you require. If there is no hard build-up, it will be easy to clean and freshen with an all-purpose cleaner.

However, if there is a build-up, you will need a more aggressive and specific cleaner. One such cleaner and be a solution of hot vinegar and baking soda, left to soak, will lift all the build-up.

This will give you a fresher bathroom over-all. It will also help you to be deep clean a lot quicker as there will be much less to do.

10. Mop the Floor

Dip your mop into the bucket of your choice of floor cleaner, wring out the excess and swivel over the bathroom floor. Focus for a moment on any stubborn dirt marks and get your tiles back to their original glory.

Traditional mopping will lead you to a process of wipe with cleaner, wipe with fresh water then allow to dry. Once it’s dry, you can replace your rugs. This is a quick way to clean the bathroom as you will skip the sweeping and focus on lifting all the dirt at once.

11. The Baking Soda and Vacuum Trick

Baking soda is naturally absorbent, and this means that it can absorb odors while you do other things. Sprinkle baking soda on the rugs and linen in your bathroom liberally.

Allow it to sit, and it will absorb all your bathroom odors quickly. Allow 30 minutes to an hour to lapse and go in with a vacuum.

Vacuum the rugs and linen that you previously sprinkled to leave them fresh and clean. Also, leave your bathroom fresh and smelling clean.

12. Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner

Usually, when cleaning, we dust, clean, and disinfect, then leave fragrances through an aerosol or sitting freshener. These are separate steps that can be time-consuming. A quicker way would be to make an all-purpose cleaner that will do everything above in 1 step.

This recipe includes 1 cup of vinegar, which removes stains and odors, 1/2 cup of baking soda which deodorizes, and one teaspoon of anti-microbial essential oils such as lavender and lemon which adds pleasing scents the way an aerosol would. Use this to surface clean and even clean mirrors in your bathroom.

13. Simple Soft Scrub

Industrial soft scrubs can contain potent and harmful chemical ingredients. Homemade soft scrub can do the job and be less harmful to those in the home.

Simply get the surface wet and apply baking soda until all the areas you want to get are covered. Then spray vinegar evenly over the surface.

The foaming action is and an indication that the vinegar and baking soda are working together to dissolve mineral deposits and soap scum. Once it stops foaming, rinse clean, and all the scum will go with it.

14. Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Many toilet cleaners are also harmful to the home environment as they threaten to expose pets and children to toxic chemicals in the toilet water.

A quick and harmless way to clean the toilet is by using a natural toilet cleaner with a mixture of Castile soap and baking soda. Pour in 1/3 cup of liquid Castile soap, 2 cups of water and two tablespoons of baking soda into a spray bottle.

Allow the foaming to subside and add a few drops of tea tree oil. Shake well and apply this to the toilet bowl. Let the cleaner sit for a few minutes then scrub with your toilet brush.

15. Dust with Dryer Sheets

Used dryer sheets work well as dust cloths because their goal is to pick up lint to reduce static cling. If you have the decor in your bathroom or surfaces that collect dust, dryer sheets would be a perfect quick cleaning tool.
Just sweep the dryer sheet over your surfaces and fold it in different ways to get into creases and corners. Once it has picked up all the dust, you can discard it and voila your bathroom is so much cleaner.

16. Gather Up Any Trash

If you have a lot of trash lying around like wrappers and crumpled tissue and your trash can is full, your bathroom will look dirty. Clearing away trash and emptying the bin will instantly make your space look cleaner.
It’s quick and easy, just gather up all the trash and place them in the bin then take out the debris from the bin all at once. It makes it even easier to have a bin liner in your garbage bin at all times. Then lift and go is the name of the game. 

17. Apply Cleanser to the Dirtiest Areas and Let Sit

Rather than putting in the manpower to scrub every inch of your bathroom, apply cleanser to the most stubborn and dirtiest parts of your bathroom and let it sit and soak.
Areas that may need a soak include the shower, toilet, and sink. You can allow yourself to do other things around the home while the cleaner does the heavy lifting in the bathroom.
Once the appropriate time has passed, you can get to scrubbing or just to rinsing, it all depends on the cleaner and the length of time.

18. Wipe Down Other Surfaces

There may be surfaces in your bathroom that make the place look grimy, even when you clean the shower, toilet, and sink. These areas can be identified as vanity areas that you don’t interact with regularly, such as shelves, picture frames, vanity gift baskets.
Wipe down these surfaces to remove dust and create a much cleaner environment. The absence of dust will also make it easier to breathe in the room. 

19. Shake out the Bath Mat

Having the time to vacuum or wash mats can make the bathroom much cleaner and feel a lot fresher. However, if you’re in a hurry, shaking them outside can remove any dust, dirt, crumbs, or debris.
This will allow you to have cleaner tapestry in only a fraction of the time. Using this method will also make your mats appear as if they’re freshly vacuumed and fluffy. 

20. Rinse the Dirtiest Areas

Another quick way to clean your bathroom is only to scrub the dirtiest areas. Those areas have a way of lifting the entire room once they’re clean. Just let them soak, similar to the tip before or scrub them individually and enjoy a cleaner looking bathroom in no time.
Use vinegar to clear away hard water from the showerhead and faucets as well. This will ensure that these areas lift the look and feel of the bathroom by looking clean and shiny.

21. Keep Pre-Moistened Cleansing Wipes Next to Sink

Pre-moistened wipes will ensure that cleaning surfaces in the bathroom are an easy 1 step process. If you use makeup in your bathroom, it’s likely to get on the sink and possibly the floor.
Instead of waiting for cleaning day to clean this up, just pull a moist wipe and clean up right away. Solutions of vinegar and baking soda or essential oils can be added to make your wipes more compelling and add a personal touch to this tool.
Pre-moistened wipes can be reusable or disposable; I prefer disposable wipes.

22. Have Your Cleaning Supplies Ready

Having your cleaning supplies ready in a caddy will ensure that your bathroom stays clean. It will enable you to clean on the spot quickly.
There is no hassle to gather the items your need, and there will be no risk to overlook areas because the needed materials are not on hand.
For an essential bathroom cleaning caddy, you will need scouring pads, cloths, all-purpose cleaner, baking soda, and vinegar in a spray bottle. Whenever there is a mess, all you need to do is, reach, spray, and wipe or scrub.

23. Create a Bathroom Cleaning Schedule

The best way to make sure that you clean your bathroom quickly is to create a schedule for it. There may be some things that you want to do daily, others weekly and monthly.
For example, you may take the trash out daily, clean the rugs weekly, and organize cabinets monthly. With a written schedule, you’ll feel less of a hassle to do everything with each cleaning. This may cause you actually to do less.
Instead, create a schedule and stay on top of what needs to be done. You may post your schedule in your bathroom as a reminder of what you need to do at each interval.

24. Clean Out the Shower and Tub After You Use It

Your shower and tub tend to get dirty really quickly as it’s used daily and possibly by multiple people. If you develop the habit of cleaning it after each use, you’ll find that the bathroom stays looking cleaner for longer, and you have less to do on cleaning day.
If there is soap scum around your tub, just use a cloth with soap, baking soda, and warm water to remove it. Also, ensure that you wash the floor of the shower and allow all the grease to get down the drain.

25. Put Things Away as You Use Them

Occam’s razor says that most often, the most straightforward answer is the best. Putting away things as you use them is one of the simplest and best ways to keep your bathroom clean and to clean.
Having items out and out of place may cause the entire room to look like a mess. Put away things after each use and put everything that sits on surfaces back in their original location.
The room will appear less cluttered and will make overall cleaning a simpler task.

Bonus: Use Gillet shaving cream to make your faucets look shiny and glistening.

Spray it on the faucet liberally and spread it thinly with a clean dry cloth. Rub it on the surface until it becomes clean and shiny. Do not rub it off completely, leave it to protect the surface from hard water stains for a while.


You may use the same Gillette shaving cream to get your mirrors spotless! Just apply liberally, spread it all over and rub it all off with a dry cloth or paper towel.

Cleaning your bathroom can be daunting. However, there are ways to clean more quickly. Cleaning as you go, cleaning only certain areas, and employing all-purpose cleaners are all ways to clean your bathroom fast.
Implement any of these tips to get the most out of your bathroom and eliminate the need to do extensive hectic cleaning.

25 Ways to Clean Your Bathroom Fast

25 Ways to Clean Your Bathroom Fast

There are many ways yo clean your bathroom, but do you want to know how to clean it quickly? Here are 25 ways to clean your bathroom fast.


    1. Remove All Items From Their Usual Spot
    2. Dust and Sweep your Bathroom
    3. Apply Cleaner to Shower and Bathtub
    4. Tackle Other Surfaces
    5. Clean the Floor
    6. Clean the Shower and Bathtub
    7. Use Baking Soda to Clean your Bathroom
    8. Clean the Vanity Area
    9. Clean the Toilet
    10. Mop the Floor
    11. Use The Baking Soda and Vacuum Trick
    12. Make a Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner
    13. Make a Simple Homemade Soft Scrub
    14. Use Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner
    15. Dust with Dryer Sheets
    16. Gather Up Any Trash
    17. Apply Cleanser to the Dirtiest Areas and Let Sit
    18. Wipe Down Other Surfaces
    19. Shake out the Bath Mat
    20. Rinse the Dirtiest Areas
    21. Keep Pre-Moistened Cleansing Wipes Next to Sink
    22. Have Your Cleaning Supplies Ready
    23. Create a Bathroom Cleaning Schedule
    24. Clean Out the Shower and Tub After You Use It
    25. Put Things Away as You Use Them

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