To be thrifty, you can look at various household items. Some personal favorite hacks involve sponges. These can be used to save money, protect furniture, help to protect the environment, and so much more.

Most of these hacks are just the right cut away from the perfect solution for your home. It’s important to note that some of these need to be monitored to determine when the sponges need to be changed or upgraded.

Here are 21 sponge hacks you need to know.

1. Bar of Soap in a Sponge


This bar will come in handy for washing dishes or sinks around the house. Just slice a bar of soap, creating a pocket on the inside. Then insert a bar of soap, you can cut the soap as necessary for it to fit.


Lastly, use this for your dishes. Just run water over it and build up a lather, use it to clean any area of your choice. When you use this back, you never have to waste bar soap or have it melt away.

2. Wall Saver

When redecorating, it may be fitting to remove nails from certain points. When removing nails from your walls, you may need to use a hammer. In this case, the back of the hammer can scratch the paint on your wall.

To avoid this, you can use a sponge as a shield. Just place the sponge on the area that the back of the hammer will roll. Then simply roll and pull the nail to remove it. The paint will remain intact.

3. Sponge Dryer Sheets

Doing the laundry can become costly over time; you may run out of supplies or choose to stop buying them. If you run out of dryer sheets or need a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to make dryer sheets, try using sponges.

You can choose to cut the sponges or leave them whole. Place them to soak in a solution of water and fabric softener. This will work to reduce the static build-up in your dryer and help your clothes to smell amazing.

4. Sanitize Your Sponge with Steam

Sponges serve a wide range of uses in the home, from dishes to make up. After a while, all your sponges become a breeding ground for germs. An easy way to clean them entirely is by using the power of steam.

Simply soak them in vinegar and place them in the microwave. Run the microwave for 1-3 minutes, depending on the power of the microwave. Once the time has elapsed, remove the sponge and give it a rinse.

5. Wood Or Tile Floor Buffer

Wood floors can get scratched from tables and chairs being dragged along. You may make an effort to lift the furniture, but sometimes, pulling and pushing furniture is unavoidable.

Create a buffer between your wood floors and furniture to avoid scratches. Just cut a piece of sponge to the size of the table or chair leg and glue it on. Now when you drag, your floors stay scratch-free.

6. Sponge Ice Packs

Ice packs can be a bit expensive and impractical to pack for trips. For more cost-effective ice packs, you can freeze a few sponges. Soak the sponge in dawn dish soap and place it in a resealable bag.

Place the bag in the freezer for use. The next time you bump your head or need to pack food for a long trip, you’ll have your ice packs ready. You can do several sponges, so you have a lot on hand, they tend to last longer.

7. Fork and Sponge to Clean Bottles

There are times when you’ll need to clean a bottle your hands may not be able to dip into. Simply place your sponge on a fork for greater reach. Plunge the fork into the short side of the sponge, and it will lengthen your reach.

You’ll be able to get into the bottle and clean from the bottom to the top. You’ll also be able to apply pressure to stuck on particles if there are any.

8. Ear Bud Padding

A lot of times, earbuds are packaged with an extra pair of padding. However, if you’re a frequent wearer of earbuds, then you’ll know that the padding can get lost so easily. If you find that your padding has gone missing, you may want to get a brand new pair.

Well, now, you don’t have to. Just cut a sponge in small circles and push the earbuds into one each—the sponge act as a comfy cushion for your ears.

9. Fan Cleaner

Fans provide a blessing in the summertime or general heat. They can cool down a room and help to save electricity. However, they can trap a lot of dust quickly. Standing fans can be challenging to clean.

The grids on the shell of the fan can be quite daunting to get into. You can hack this with a sponge. Just slice squares into the sponge, keeping it intact. You can use this to get between the bars in only a few swipes quickly. This hack can also work for outdoor and oven grills.

10. Blinds Cleaner

Cleaning blinds can also be quite daunting. You can use sponges to make it a lot easier. Instead of cleaning each blade individually back and front, you can place sponges on each side of a pair on tongs and clean each blade of your blinds in just one simple swipe.

Not only will this extend the reach of your arms, but it will create less tension on your muscles, making cleaning blinds a more manageable task.

11. Soap in Jar and Sponge

When using a sponge to do dishes, a bit of soap tends to go to waste. You may also end up using too much detergent when you reapply. To avoid this, you can create one simple to use the tool. You’ll need a short jar that will fit into your hands comfortably, dish soap, glue, a sponge, and a knife.

Begin by removing the lid from the jar and making a few holes in it. Then, cut the sponge to size and shape and glue it onto the top of the cover. Finally, fill the jar with soap and replace the lid. You’ll have the perfect gadget to wash dishes with minimal waste.

12. Clean Makeup Sponge in Microwave

A makeup sponge should be cleaned after every use. An easy way to clean is by adding heat. Just pour vinegar and water with a small amount of soap in a jar.

Add the sponge or sponges and place them in the microwave. Let it run until it starts to bubble up, then remove it from the heat and rinse the soap and vinegar out. You’ll get to watch all the makeup run out and down the drain.

13. Pin Cushion

When storing pins and a sewing equipment, you may find your self getting poked and prodded to get to smaller tools. You no longer have to reach into the bottom of the container with your sewing equipment, just to get a pin. Use a sponge as a pincushion.

Just glue a piece on to the inside of the lid of your sewing container. Stick all your pins and needles in and close the container. Sharp pins will stay safe to the top, and other items will rest in the container.

14. Hold Emergency Money

Emergency money is essential to keep in small amounts around the home. If you need an inconspicuous way to hold emergency money or just a replacement for your purse, try a sponge. Just slit the side of the sponge and create a well deep enough for cash.

Place the cash inside and stash it where you’d like. You can also carry this in your purse or car. No one will ever suspect that you’ll have cash inside a sponge.

15. Toe Spacers

Now that we’re all staying at home, you may want to do cosmetic projects like painting your nails. However, you may not have any toe spacers to prevent smudging. You can do this easily with a sponge.

Just cut the sponge into wide enough strips and place them between your toes before painting. These will be comfortable to wear until the nail polish dries and will not cause smudging.

16. Nail Polish Removal

An easy way to remove nail polish without all the rubbing includes sponges. In a small jar, stuff pieces of the sponge until it becomes dense. Then add nail polish remover or acetone.

To use this, simply force your finger inside and twist the jar a few times. This will lift all the nail polish with minimal effort from your end. You can wash the sponges and change the acetone once the color begins to change.

17. Soap Holder

When using bars of soap, it tends to melt away when it gets wet. This can be a real waste. A sponge can really go a long way to save you money.  It can be used to hold a bar of soap to enable complete use.

Just cut a well in the sponge. Ensure that it is large enough to fit the bar of soap and use it from there. Once the soap is down to pieces, just use the sponge with the remaining soap to get complete use.

18. Glue Applicator

If you have kids, this is an excellent way for them to use glue safely. It will also come in handy if you don’t want to get glue all over your hands. Rest a sponge into a jar and spread the glue all over it.

Let it sit to allow the glue to soak into the sponge. For use, all you have to do is press the item you’re looking to glue against the sponge. It will pick up just enough glue for adhesion.

19. Wash Paint Brushes

Paintbrush care is highly essential if you want to have them for a while. Paint may not immediately come out of brushes when you shake it in a container. A sponge will provide enforcement for pulling the paint away.

Make small slits in the sponge and pour water or thinner into it. Whichever solution you use will depend on the type of paint. Then stick the paintbrush into a slit and use the sponge to clean the brush.

20. Nail Polish Applicator

For doing your nails at home, patterns and designs may not be as easy for some. A sponge can create designs that will look professional. Just brush on the colors that you will like to use and press the sponge against the nail.

You can use this to create ombre effects with colors or make sceneries and sunsets. When you’re done, just apply top coat and clean the edges of your fingers.

21. Makeup Brush Holder

A foam sponge can make an excellent place to put makeup brushes. Just make deep enough slits in the sponge and stick each brush into each slit.

You can use the color of your choice to match the theme of your room or vanity. The larger the sponge, the more brushes you can add. Making this spread can also help to make getting ready more efficient.

Sponges are, no doubt, one of the best ways to save money, both directly and indirectly. Trying different hacks can increase your chances of doing so and will also increase creativity around your home. If you have tried any of these hacks, pass them to a friend and comment below to let us know how it worked out for you.



21 Sponge Hacks You Need to Know

21 Sponge Hacks You Need to Know

There are many amazing things you can do with a sponge. Here are 21 Sponge Hacks you need to know.


    1. Bar of Soap in a Sponge
    2. Prevents paint from being scratched on the wall
    3. Make Sponge Dryer Sheets
    4. Sanitize Your Sponge with Steam
    5. Use Sponge as a Wood Floor Buffer
    6. Make Sponge Ice Packs
    7. Use Fork and Sponge to Clean Bottles
    8. Use Sponge as an Ear Bud Padding
    9. Use Sponge to clean Fans
    10. Use Sponge to Clean Blinds
    11. Soap in Jar and Sponge
    12. Clean Makeup Sponge in Microwave
    13. Used to Make a Pin Cushion
    14. Hold Emergency Money
    15. Makes Great Toe Spacers
    16. Aids in Nail Polish Removal
    17. Used as a Soap Holder
    18. Used as a Glue Applicator
    19. Used To Wash Paint Brushes
    20. Can be used to Apply Nail Polish
    21. Can Be used as a Makeup Brush Holder

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