There’s a strange satisfaction about looking through a perfectly cleaned window. It can lift your mood and even creates a more relaxing environment, especially if you’re looking at the beautiful scenery outside.

Having spotlessly clean windows can add to your home’s ambiance by making your rooms feel fresher and look lighter too. Everyone loves the look of their windows after they’ve been adequately taken care of by a professional company. However, not everyone can do this ever so often, and it doesn’t come cheap.

Not to worry though, keeping your windows in an almost perfect state may look daunting, but isn’t as hard as it seems.

These eight window cleaning hacks will help you give your windows that just made look and will be easy to do. These hacks, however, are for interior windows and easy-to-reach exterior windows.

If you’re not equipped or able to reach higher windows that require a ladder, it’s best to leave those to the professionals instead of endangering yourself. With that said, let’s get right into it.

1. Prevent Streaks with a Microfiber Cloth 

We often try to clean our windows with chamois cloth or a Shammy, cotton and paper towels and even newspaper. These options, although seen as resourceful and as possibly an effort at recycling, sometimes leave fibers on your windows.

Sometimes it seems more like just moving the dirt around, than cleaning the windows. With the newspaper, the possibility of you simply smearing ink over your windows is high. 

One of the best hacks for cleaning your windows without leaving any unsightly residue is to use a microfiber cloth. A microfiber cloth will trap all the dust and dirt that’s in the way of your perfect view. When using a microfiber cloth, wipe in a circular motion.

Ensure that you get the whole area of the window, especially the corners where dirt can get trapped, and overlap your strokes. Once you’re through, you’ll see that there’s no trace of streaking.

2. Make Your Own Glass Cleaner

Sometimes what’s responsible for streaking is not just the cloth you use to clean your windows. The fault can also be with the glass cleaner you use. Most of us get a regular store-bought glass cleaner. Still, while they can be useful, streaks are certainly a possibility when using them.

The best thing to clean your windows with is a cleaner mix of natural solutions and organic ingredients, but this isn’t always possible for everyone. No worries though, this hack allows you to use just what’s around your house. 

To make your window cleaner, create a solution that’s two parts water, one part soap and one part vinegar. Pour the solution in a sprayer bottle and shake it to get it properly mixed.

Then gently spray the mixture on your windows and wipe it cleanly away. Rinse your windows with water to prevent soap build-up quickly afterward. 

3. Clean With a Blackboard Eraser

Streaks can be very persistent. After cleaning your windows, there might still be some lingering around to tarnish your efforts. Not to worry, though, this hack uses a pretty unique item to help you finish things off with the bright, shiny look you’re going for.

A blackboard eraser lives up to its eraser name by getting rid of any leftover dust or dirt streaks. You can get an eraser at any local stationery store or haberdashery. Rub the eraser over your windows and watch the streaks disappear.

4. Use an Air Compressor to Cleanout Dirt and Dust 

A full window cleaning doesn’t just involve the glass panes. It also includes the hard-to-reach places such as the deep corners and the tracks.

There’s no need to get worked up about not being able to get to these places. With this hack, it becomes super easy. Using an air compressor to blow away or lift the dust and dirt to make it easier to wipe away is the best way to go.

You can get a handheld air compressor, like the ones used to clean in between computer keyboards at your preferred local store. After that, it just comes down to getting the spout or tube into the tracks and squeezing the trigger to get all the dirt and dust out of there. Then you wipe it away to get that completely clean feel.

5. Use Vinegar and Baking Soda

Some of us, sad to say, have window tracks that need a little more heavy-duty work. Sometimes there’s so much build-up that we think it’s best just to call a professional service. This, however, doesn’t have to be the case. You can still get the heavy-duty stuff done with this hack.

Create a mixture of regular white vinegar that you find in your kitchen and some baking soda. You can also pour the vinegar into the tracks and follow with some teaspoon fulls of baking soda. The vinegar reacts with baking soda forming bubbles, and this mixture loosens away all the gunk.

Leave the mixture for about 15 minutes. Then use a small, very absorbent sponge to get into the tracks and wipe away the grime. This will leave even the muckiest of window tracks spotless.

6. Clean Blinds With Kitchen Thongs

Another part of window cleaning that isn’t just about the glass itself is cleaning the blinds. Blinds can be a pain to clean because it’s so many pieces. However, you can easily clean blinds in no time at all.

Just wrap old socks or rags around a pair of tongs and keep them fastened and in place with rubber bands. Clamp the tongs onto the blinds and drag them across to pick up all the excess dirt and dust. This hack will leave you with clean blinds that you try to avoid touching. 

7. Use a Squeegee

A squeegee opens up a whole new world of ease when it comes to cleaning your windows. Squeegees get your glass clear and streak-free in a fraction of the time it takes with the cloths, newspapers, or paper towels you usually use. You can get a basic ten or twelve-inch squeegee.

Your squeegee should be kept fit with a sharp, new rubber blade. A lot of people have issues with squeegees, saying they still leave streaks, but the secret lies in changing the blade often. Purchase two or three to have available, especially if you’re making a whole day out of cleaning your windows.

Doing a good job if the edge of your squeegee blade gets nicked or worn out from use is just impossible. When using the squeegee, you’ll just need a scrubber and a bucket of your homemade window cleaning solution.

Dip the scrubber into your solution, allow some of the excess to drain off, then you lather up your windows. Once that’s done, use your squeegee to wipe away the solution in downward sweeping motions.

Another trick to avoid streaks is the wipe the blade of the squeegee with a dry towel after each wipe. When you’re through, your windows will gleam a glisten just the way you like them.

An excellent tip to keep in mind is that when storing your squeegee, you should make sure nothing touches the blade.

8. Attention to Detail

After the big clean, it’s not enough to just sit back. Detailing is very important when it comes to getting perfectly cleaned windows. Often, we overlook small details. You should go over your windows to look for any missed spots.

If you find any of these spots or other forms of residue, there are several ways to eliminate them. One way is to use toothbrushes and non-gel kinds of toothpaste as a wonderful spot remover. Smear a tiny portion of the minty past over the spot, dip the toothbrush in a little water and get to scrubbing. Once the spot is gone, wipe away the remains.

Another quick fix is to use an old rag. This can be used to remove water from around the edges of your sill. If you also had decal or any form of stickers on your windows, even after the big clean, there might still be some adhesive residue.

Use rubbing alcohol to get rid of the residue by dipping a portion of a dry rag in the alcohol and then wiping away the residue using that portion. Another quick bit of detailing is to use old dryer sheets to clear up remaining spots.


These hacks will leave your windows with fresh, clean looks that you didn’t have to spend too much money on having cleaned. With a lot of the items found around the house, they’re also convenient and saves you a lot of time. Now window cleaning shouldn’t be as daunting.

Go ahead and try these hacks and drop the results in the comments. You can also include any hacks that you think were missed but work great!


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