Clothespins can do much more than just hold clothes onto a clothesline. 
Here we present you with 30 witty clothespin hacks that you may have never heard of before.


It’s really a scary and hard task to hammer a nail without actually hammering a finger in the process. To prevent this painstaking occurrence. Use a clothespin to hold the nail in place and hammer away. Perfect for kids and anyone who is afraid of a hammer.


Creating your own paintbrush is very easy. Fold a foam sponge into two. Use a clothespin to hold it together. Paint as you would with any other brush the result will be just as smoothes and cost less.


To stop your pot from spilling on the stove. Use a clothespin to raise the lid slightly. Simply grip the edge of the lid with the clothespin to cause a division between both the pot and lid.
This will ensure it does not go back into place, therefore causing more steam to escape and preventing spills from occurring.


If you are thinking about creating your own DIY flower pots. Here is how to get it done using a juice box and a few clothespins. Cut an orange juice box into two. One side should be the size of a clothespin in height. Place clothespins neatly on all four sides not leaving a space. Now, place your cactus in your pot. This is beautiful!



Have you ever need to watch something on your phone and you would really appreciate a phone rest. Well,  you can create one using just a clothespin.
You will need 4 clothespins. Open two clothespins and use them to hold the other two into place. Use the ones holding as the brace for the other two. Carefully place your phones in between the clothespins on the top end.


You can create an inside clothes wire by simply using clothespins and clothes hangers. Place two clothespins at the end of the hanger. Hang any item of clothing that needs drying. This works well for sweaters and any other item that cannot be dried in the dryer.


Need a toothbrush holder? In these hard economic times when we are trying to cut back on the items we buy and make them ourselves. A toothbrush holder is an ideal thing, to begin with. Use a clothespin to grip the toothbrush in the middle. Let it stand with both the clothespin and the toothbrush as a support system.


No need to buy fridge magnets anymore when you can create cute ones at home. Use magnet tape or hot glue to turn clothespins into your own crafty fridge magnets. Decorate the pin to your desire. Place a magnet on the back to hold the heavier items. Stick to your fridge and leave a note.


Cords just seem to get themselves tangled without an effort from you. To prevent this, separate them. Using separate clothespins, wrap cords around each pin. This works well for chargers, earbuds, and any cord you want to keep from tangling.


Clothespin has a natural way of absorbing liquids. Using these to freshen up the air in your car is just as effective as those overpriced car air fresheners.
Pour your favorite essential oil on the clothespin and pin it onto your car’s AC vent. Whenever the AC blows your car will smell great. It is easy as 1.2.3. You could also pin the essential oil-soaked clothespin above your head in the area as shown in the photo above.


To make your own DIY bracelet. Remove the wires from the clothespins. You will need to have enough pins to match the size of your risk. use this to make a bracelet by joining them together.


Remove the blade from a pencil sharpener. Place it on the edge of the griping part of the pin. Using the screw from the sharpener, fasten the blade with a small screwdriver. Now you have DIY scissors.


To keep your socks and gloves from losing each other.  Also organize your drawers. You are going to need a few clothespins. Use clothespins to pin your socks and gloves together in pairs. Next time you won’t have to go searching.


If you are afraid to get near a firework, but you just love to set it off. To safely lite a firework. Try using a clothespin to hold the match. This way you will have some distance. Enjoy your sparks.


Make your own fasteners for your open bags. Paint and decorate your pins in your favorite designs. Use these as fasteners to close storage bags in the kitchen. You won’t know the difference.


Make a napkin holder with just a couple of clothespins and wood glue. Start by creating your own design. This should look beautiful on your dining table or anywhere you would like to show it off.


Create a beautiful door decor by just using clothespins. Using a stiff wire, make a circle. Use a strip of tape to join the ends together. Get creative and use your imagination here. Use your own decorated pins to place on the wire. Use as many as you like. Create your own design. Hang your decor on the door. You will be so proud of yourself.


Design and build your own model house. You can get this done by using clothespins. The model houses can be used as home decor. You can even make a collection of the clothespin model house. They may be valuable in the future.


Clothespins make the perfect idea for a pencil/ pen holder. This is quite easy to make. It will cost under three dollars to do so,  or none at all. Before you go out to buy a pen holder. Try making your own. These can even be given little tokens.


Make your own teacup rest by just placing clothespins together. These are very crafty and creative. Go ahead and get to work designing your own teacup rest, Share with your friends. These will make a beautiful gift.


Clothespins are perfect for eating noodles. Use a clothespin to make a chopstick for eating noodles. It will make your pasta more manageable. The clothespin chopstick can be used to enjoy any meal you choose to have.


These are really the cutest things you will ever build. Make little bunnies using, clothespins, paint ribbons, and markers. Paint your bunny white. Allow the paint to dry. Use the marker [your choice] to draw a face to the side of the pin. The ears are the handles of the pin. Use the marker to outline the features. Use the ribbon to make a bow around the bunny’s body. These are beautiful home decor for any season.


A wise way to separate your mail is to label them. This will tell the old from the new and the past from the due. Write on each clothespin past, due, junk, and paid. Separate your mails using a clothespin with the correct label. This keeps you reminded and you won’t miss a date.


Install an outdoor clothesline. Use clothespins to hang linens and clothing you wish to air dry. They will look and smell better. Get to work with your outdoor clothesline. Clothespins were actually invented for this purpose.


Out of paper clips? You can use clothespins to replace paper clips or just for emergency use. Simply pin these onto your documents to organize and keep them together. You won’t regret running out of paper clips.


If you just happen to get a part of your shirt wet. You don’t need to place it in a dryer just to dry that area. Fold the end of the shirt to the point that is wet.

Pin the folded area with clothespins, and also fold the sleeves and pin. Use 2 clothespins to pin the top of the shirt to a hanger. Place a blow dryer in the shirt and dry.



This is more likely to occur when baking. This is when the spatula or the spoon slides down into the batter. To stop this, use a clothespin to pin on the utensil so that the clothespin is used as a barrier between the container and the utensil.



Make a kitchen rack by to hang your kitchen towels You will need a flat piece of board, 12 inches long and 3  inches wide. Screw the board to the wall. Now, using super glue, glue 4 clothespins to the board. The superglue will hold them firmly onto the board. Your rack is ready, hang your kitchen towels.



Trash bag cave in when there is something heavy placed into it. Place clothespins on the side of the bin holding the bag. This will prevent the bag from caving in before it is full.



This is the old doctor’s trick. If you suffer from migraine headaches. Try placing a clothespin between your thumb and your index finger. Let it stay in that area for an hour. Relax, the pain will slowly fade away.

Now that you have gotten so much on how to use clothespins. Go on and make good use of them in the best way you can.

25 Smart Ways To Use Baby Powder


  1. Brush Off Sand
  2. Cool Blankets On A Summer Night
  3. Refresh Your Shoes
  4. Dry Shampoo Your Pet
  5. Dry Shampoo Your Self
  6. Save Skin While Waxing
  7. Prevent Chafing
  8. Keep Fresh Throughout the Day
  9. Translucent Setting Powder
  10. Prevent Sweat Stains
  11.  Treat Eczema
  12. Thicken Your Lashes
  13.  Freshen Your Carpets
  14. Absorb Grease
  15. Repel Ants
  16.  Refresh Old Books
  17. Stop Squeaking In Wood Floors
  18. Refresh Kitty Litter
  19.  Air Freshener
  20. Protect Flowers From Rot
  21. Help Slip on Rubber Gloves
  22. Untangle Jewelry
  23. Use As An Aftershave
  24. Prevent Blisters From High Heels
  25. Keep Lipstick In Place

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