We spend a lot of time in our cars especially if we commute to and from work daily. But the look of the exterior and interior both contribute to how we feel while we travel. 

We all want to have a clean flashy shine on the outside and a tidy dust-free look on the inside. We do not want to see spills anywhere or pieces of paper, plastic, gum, and such the like anywhere in our cars. 

To have a wonderfully clean motor vehicle, follow these thirty car cleaning tips and your car will never be the same.



To clean the exterior of your car first you need to wash it. Use either a bucket of water and liquid soap or a hose to remove dust, mud, and bug remains from your car.


Ensure to rinse well and dry the body with a microfiber cloth and the glass areas with old newspapers to get that shine.


To make your windshield sparkle. Wash with soapy water and a Mr. Clean magic eraser. This should remove all particles from your windshield.


Dry with a sheet of newspaper. This will give you a super finish and no scratch marks left behind.


Cleaning a car is not complete without highlighting the rims. This means, washing with soap and water and rinsing with a hose that has a strong water force.

This will wash away dirt and mud. Ensure you get all the corners. Dry and spray with WD-40. You won’t believe it’s yours chromes.


To vacuum, remove all plastic, kids’ toys, food, cups, paper, and clothing from the car. Now, remove the mats. Turn a hose unto the mats which should be lying flat on a concrete surface and power wash them.


Using a hand vacuum, vacuum all and every corner and seat in the car. Replace rugs with new ones or replace them with older ones that are in a more ready condition.


Wipe all leather interiors with WD-40 or Pledge furniture polish. This method has been known to make leather glow. Perfect for dashboards, and leather seats.


Simply wipe with a soft cloth and your job is done. This is safe for your leather.


Don’t forget the cup holder when you clean your car. they are often forgotten while they sit there in need of cleaning.


To do so, tip a Q-tip in water or vinegar. Use this to clean the bottom corners of the cupholder. Use a microfiber cloth dipped in vinegar to wipe the wider part of the base that is easier to reach with fingers.


To remove tar. Rub peanut butter on the affected area. Allow it to sit for 3 minutes to soften the tar. Wipe with a cloth that is damped with vinegar.


Do this repeatedly until the tar dissipates. Denatured alcohol and solid wood shortening can be used in place of peanut butter.


Some places are very difficult to reach by hand or a vacuum. Try using a mop. Use this to scrub the roof or other places you may need extra help with.

This can either be a wet or dry mop. It depends on the job you want it to perform.


Here is another way to clean your windshield without water and soap. Pour rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth.

Use this to clean the windshield. I guarantee your windshield will be sparkling clean. You may just need a bottle of rubbing alcohol for the road.


Mishaps do happen even in the car that can leave a stain. Use toothpaste to remove stains from your seats. Dab a little toothpaste on the area and gently scrub away.

Remember to always test chemicals on a small surface before actually using them on a large one.


Another interesting and effective way is to make a solution with 1 part vinegar and 1 part linseed oil.

Use this solution to wipe away dirt and grime. This will also benefit the appearance of your leather seats. Leathers just seem to get all the attention.


One way to remove odor from your ashtray is to sprinkle baking soda into it. You can leave baking soda in your car ashtray as a car deodorizer.

That’s if you’re not a smoker. Leave it empty if you are planning on using it.


The glove compartment can get dusty and moldy. When cleaning your car grab a few baby wipes.

Use this to clean your glove compartment. It will not only be clean but on top of that, it will smell great.


If you have bright grease stains on your seat. Sprinkling cornstarch on the area will remove it.

Sprinkle and let it sit for 30 minutes. After the time is up vacuum the cornstarch. Your car seat should be stain-free.


Rubbing cigarette scorch with onion will soften the area. Simply hold the cut onion on the affected area. The fluid from the onion will absorb into the fabric making it less visible.

Wipe with a wet cloth to remove the odor from the onion. Feel free to sprinkle a few drops of essential oil on the cloth for extra deodorizing.


Place the cupcake liner into your car’s cup holder. This will prevent spills from getting down in the hard-to-reach areas. This will save you a lot of trouble the next time you clean your car.


Another incredible way of cleaning your car’s leather seats and dashboard is the versatile olive oil. Us it to give your interior that unforgettable sheen you have always wanted. You will love it!


After giving your car that perfect wash. It’s time to massage it with a little conditioner. Yes, you are seeing just fine, A conditioner that contains lanolin will make your car shine.

Use a soft cloth to prevent scratches. Rub conditioner on the car, then use a dry soft cloth to shine.


Wipers do tend to leave scratches on your windshield. This can be annoying to look at.

Rubbing your wipers with rubbing alcohol will keep them from smearing your windshield. Now, you can enjoy driving in the rain.


This is another awesome and simple way of getting those headlights clean. Use a regular window cleaner and spray the lights. Rub with a clean dry rag. After all, these were not that hard to clean.


Remember to leave a make-up brush in your car. It works well in removing dust from the air vent.

It just seems to get to the corners easier. Make sure to use a dry clean one. Don’t want to get power in your vent.


Create your fragrance for your car. Make a few cotton rolls. Sprinkle them with your favorite essential oils.

Place them into a mason jar. Make tiny holes on the top to allow fragrance out. Place this in your car.


If you are in a rush, a dirty windshield is not what you want to be dealing with. Grab a pack of feminine Maxi pads and scrub the dirt away. It may sound a little off, but as long as it works it’s ok.


There is no escaping smashing bugs. Can’t imagine driving around with dead bugs on your windshield. If you keep a can of WD-40 in your car you will not have to suffer this demise.

Spray WD-40 on the shield and wipe with a used dryer sheet or paper towel.


If your seats have creases, these can hide a lot of dust that you may overlook when cleaning.

Vacuuming may not get the job done all the time. Using a toothbrush to get into those creases will remove whatever was hiding there.

It may take a little effort, but your car is worth it.


Use a microfiber mitt to clean the exterior of your car. It is soft and very absorbent.

It will clean and shine your car all at the same time. It just makes cleaning your car’s exterior faster and better.


Baking soda is great for eliminating bad odors. Your car’s seats are no exception as they are exposed to many different odors.

Before vacuuming, sprinkle baking soda on the seat. Let it rest for 5 minutes, then vacuum.


The most forgotten area when cleaning a car is the close-in area of your window.

Have you ever cleaned your car and when that window is rolled down there is a long streak of dust and watermarks laughing at you?

A simple reminder, don’t forget to roll down your windows and clean.


Bottles, leftover food, and anything that’s trash go under the seats of your car.

When you clean your car roll up the seats to check for trash.

Remove the trash and vacuum. These can make your car smell bad, so be to remove all.


After going through the process of cleaning your car. Try to maintain that new clean look.

One way to do that is to place small plastic bags in an empty napkin box. Use these for all trash, your car will appreciate it.

And there you have it. The next time you step into your car, you will not think the same about how to clean it. As long as you apply hacks like these, your car life will be much easier.

30 Smart And Useful Car Cleaning Hacks That Makes Total Sense

30 Smart And Useful Car Cleaning Hacks That Makes Total Sense


  • Car cleaning is a regular practice for all car owners who want to have a nice feeling when traveling, knowing that their surrounding is clear of dirt or extra garbage. These car cleaning tips will give practical ideas that will help get the job done.


    Wash the outside of the car first with soap and water.

    Clean the windshield and buff it with old newspaper.

    Remove dirt from rims and get them shining with WD-40.

    Do an effective vacuuming of all possible areas of your car interior.

    Clean the leather areas of the car with wd-40 or Pledge furniture polish.

    Clean the cup holders and use Q-tip to assist with tiny areas.

    Use peanut butter to remove tar.

    Use a mop to reach far areas such as the roof.

    Use rubbing alcohol to clean the windshield.

    Use toothpaste to remove stains from different areas.

    Make a DIY cleaner with vinegar and linseed oil.

    Use baby wipes to clean the glove compartment.

    Use cornstarch to remove grease stains from seats.

    Use an onion to remove scorch marks, then wipe the scent away with a wet cloth.

    Use cupcake holders to protect the base of your cup holders.

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