Baby powder is an astringent powder used for preventing diaper rash, as a spray, and for other cosmetic uses. It may be composed of talcum or cornstarch, in which case it is also called cornstarch.

Conventionally baby powder is used until the baby stops wearing a diaper. However, there are daily uses beyond the toddler stage that will come in handy for everyone. Here are 25 uses for baby powder.

 1. Brush off Sand

A day at the beach can be hard to forget, especially with remnants of sand, everywhere. Sand will show up in the shower days later as if you just left the beach. It can also be hard to brush off and abrasive to the skin.

Remove sand easily with baby powder by applying it to the sandy areas and brushing it away. The powder will carry the sand away quickly and entirely.

 2. Cool Blankets On A Summer Night

Summer nights can be warm and filled with mosquitos and torment. With a little baby powder, it’s easier to feel cool in your sleep, under your blankets throughout the night.

Just sprinkle your blankets and bedding with baby powder before bed and once you lay down, you’ll feel cool and calm. It also smells amazing and is soothing.

3. Refresh YOUR Shoes

After a certain amount of wear, our shoes get musty and develop an odor. This is especially the case if we wear closed-up shoes daily, like sneakers, hush puppies and loafers.

At some point, your most functional shoes will need a refresher. Sprinkle baby powder closer to the mouth of your shoes before putting them away to keep them fresh daily.

4. Dry SHAMPOO your pet

For a quicker and less messy way to clean your yippy or sprightly pet, baby powder is the solution. A pet’s bath time can be a struggle, especially if they’re bigger and hairier.

To get your pet clean in no time, create a mixture of  1 cup of baking soda and 1 cup of baby powder, sprinkle this into your pet’s fur, and rub it in. Afterward, brush your pet’s fur into order and enjoy its freshness.

5. Dry Shampoo Yourself

On days when you need to reduce the grease and shine in your hair or give yourself a quick clean, a small mixture of 1 teaspoon of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of baby powder will have your hair looking fresh and full of life.

Just rub this solution onto your scalp and style it as usual. The powder will absorb the oils that weigh down your hair and the baking soda will act to clear away build-up as you style.

6. SAVE Skin While Waxing

After you exfoliate but before you wax, smooth on a handful of powder over the area. This will protect the underlying skin and allow for a waxing session free of redness and irritation.

This hack will also soothe potential burning that would occur from the hair being torn from your skin. This is also a natural way to feel good after a waxing.

7. Prevent Chafing

For those horrid and humid days when you have to keep moving, baby powder can provide excellent slips to prevent chafing and keep your skin intact.

Simply dust a handful of powder onto the areas of your skin that you expect to rub together in your daily activities. If the excess makes you look dry, just moisten the areas that will be visible with lotion or your favorite essential oil.

8. Keep Fresh Throughout the Day

I enjoy the security of having a little pouch of emergency items to use throughout each day. Among those emergency items is baby powder. This can be applied to keep you fresh and sweatproof throughout the day.

Another way to use baby powder throughout the day is to dust it across your chest or into your bosom, the fresh scent will release at intervals throughout the day.

9. Translucent Setting Powder

On the go but forgot to restock your makeup kit? One of the many uses of baby powder is that you can use it as a setting powder. It’s all about the right application and you’ll get that finished flawless look in no time! 

Not only does it work for all shades of skin due to this quality but it’s one of the best alternatives out there to get rid of grease on your skin so you can get the perfect finish.  

10. Prevent Sweat Stains

Nothing annoys me more than stubborn, pesky underarm stains. For anyone else out there that needs a quick and easy solution for this issue, baby powder does the trick!

Just sprinkle a little on your shirt’s underarms and collar and then iron it to stop sweat stains from appearing on your white or light-colored shirts and tops. The powder acts as a shield that prevents all those oils and grime that usually cause that horrible yellowish stain to show up. 

11. Treat Eczema

Talcum powder can work like a moisturizer to help soothe extra-dry skin. If you have areas of irritated skin, rub a bit of talcum powder in to calm it. 

Concentrate it on skin folds and areas that lock or rub together. Keep it on hand throughout the summer and winter months when your skin tends to get really dried out.

12. Thicken your lashes

To experience thicker and fuller lashes each time you wear makeup, apply baby powder. Simply squeeze a small amount into a container or dish, and use a Q-tip to dust an excess onto your lashes, if done before mascara, apply a few coats to seal.

If this was done after your first coat of mascara, apply another coat to hide the whiteness and seal it in.

13. Freshen your Carpets

There are times between cleaning when your carpets get musty and cause an odor in the entire room. There may be no need to clean the entire room or deep clean the carpet.

Simply, sprinkle baby powder across the carpet before you vacuum or sweep. This will absorb the odors and release an air of freshness that will be a delight to the senses.

14. Absorb Grease

If you’re like me, you use a lot of oils and grease in your hair and around the home. This means that you’re prone to spilling at any time. This hack is perfect for you as you can absorb any oil spill on sheets or clothing or even fabric furniture.

To use baby powder to absorb grease, simply dust it over the area, the more you add, the more grease will be absorbed. 

15. Repel Ants

I was a little surprised when I discovered this hack, baby powder or talcum powder repels ants. They can’t stand to be near the stuff, so if you have an ant problem or feel like you may soon see them appear, perhaps it’s your child’s birthday or you’re having a get-together with a lot of cake and sweets.

Simply sprinkle baby powder in a parameter around the suspected entry points or wherever you see them make a path. This won’t kill them but it will keep them at bay and it smells fantastic and can be ingested.

16. Refresh Old Books

If you have a library or you frequently borrow books from a library, you’ll notice how musky old books get. They tend to even make you sneeze. There is a way to freshen old books and create a new, new book smell.

Just lightly spray baby powder on the pages or, pour a cup of baby powder and a cup of baking soda into a bag and place the book inside. Tie or seal the bag in some way and let it sit. The baking soda and baby powder will absorb the smell and leave the book smelling fresh. 

17. Stop Squeaking on Wood Floors

Squeaking in wood floors is caused by friction from the wood rubbing together when you step. If you have squeaky floors, the fix is quick and simple.

Pour baby powder into the seams and cracks and work it in so that it falls between. This will lubricate the seams and stop the wood from squeaking when it rubs together.

18. Refresh Kitty Litter

For cat owners, there is a struggle when dealing with the odors from kitty litter. Also, cat litter can be expensive to replace each time it develops an odor.

To keep your kitty litter for longer and save yourself some money, mix it with baby powder before you pour it out and you’ll notice the difference in use time.

19. Air Freshener

Baby powder serves as a great air freshener when placed strategically in windy areas. This will freshen your home in a gentle way, that’s also great for the environment.

Pack the talc into a small container and dampen it with water or alcohol to prevent it from blowing out and making everything dusty. This works just as well if you dampen it daily or once it dries out.

20. Protect Flowers From Rot

If you have cactuses or plants that are prone to root rot, there is a way to protect your next batch and save yourself from sure stress. Simply coat the root of the plant in baby powder and plant or replant it.

The baby powder will protect the root of the plant from excess moisture which can cause root rot. This method will also work for small and large plants.

21. Help Slip on Rubber Gloves

If you have a big hand or just have issues putting on gloves, baby powder can help you to put them on in a controlled manner. Simply dust your hand with the powder and pour some into the glove.

Next, slip your hand into the glove and it should go on fairly easily. The powder will also help when you’re ready to take the glove off. It acts as a dry lubricant to speed up movement even when friction is at play.

22. Untangle Jewelry

For a quick way to untangle jewelry, it’s safe to look at baby powder. For jewelry that becomes tangled, lay the piece down on a flat surface and sprinkle baby powder over the top.

You can then shake it out or use a pin to gently pull it apart. You’ll be surprised at how easily it will come apart and save you time and energy.

23. Aftershave

If you often have issues with conventional aftershave or just need a more cost-effective way to condition your skin after you shave, consider applying baby powder.

After you shave, rinse the area and apply a handful of baby powder, rub it in until it disappears. Another way to apply this or employ this hack is to dust it on with a soft brush. If you have sensitive skin, the latter will be


24. Prevent Blisters from High Heels

There are times when ladies have to wear heels for hours on end and this may cause blisters that make your entire day a discomfort. This can be prevented by pouring baby powder into your shoes before you put them on.

This works by allowing your feet to slide freely without squeezing when it rubs together.

25. Keep Lipstick in Place

When applying lipstick, and you have a long night ahead, or even a long day, baby powder can be used to keep it in place. Simply apply one coat of lipstick, give a light dusting of baby powder, and then apply another c


Consequently, this will keep the lipstick from slipping as it latches onto the baby powder.

Polish Stainless Steel Sink

If your stainless steel sink looks a bit stained from the foods and different liquids that have been used in it, there is a simple way to get your sink to look really shiny and clean again.

Sprinkle some baby powder on the inside of the sink or on a damped sponge and rub it around in a circular motion. Rinse away the powder and dry the sink completely with paper towels. It will look sparkling.

Who knew baby powder could be such a helpful resource? This can be used for much more than diaper changes. And will prove useful for males and females of all ages. This product is great to keep around even after your babies and toddlers grow up.

25 Clever Baby Powder Hacks You Will Find Useful

25 Clever Baby Powder Hacks You Will Find Useful

These are some clever and practical ways to use baby powder.


    Brush off Sand

Cool Blankets On A Summer Night

Refresh YOUR Shoes

Dry SHAMPOO your pet

Dry Shampoo Yourself

SAVE Skin While Waxing

Prevent Chafing

Keep Fresh Throughout the Day

Translucent Setting Powder

Prevent Sweat Stains

Treat Eczema

Thicken your lashes

Freshen your Carpets

Absorb Grease

Repel Ants

Refresh Old Books

Stop Squeaking on Wood Floors

Refresh Kitty Litter

Air Freshener

Protect Flowers from Rot

Help Slip on Rubber Gloves

Untangle Jewelry


Prevent Blisters from High Heels

Keep Lipstick in Place

Polish Stainless Steel Sink

Polish Faucets

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