Hydrogen peroxide, often found in the first-aid aisle, is much more versatile than it seems at first glance. From household solutions to innovative tricks, here are 21 random life hacks that leverage the power of hydrogen peroxide:

Jewelry Shine-Up: Soak your tarnished jewelry in hydrogen peroxide for a few minutes to give it a renewed sparkle.

Enhance Plant Growth: Add a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide to a liter of water and use it to water plants. It can boost oxygen levels in the soil.

Prolong Cut Flower Life: Add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide to the vase water to keep cut flowers fresh for longer.

Neutralize Skunk Odors: If you or your pet has a run-in with a skunk, a mixture of baking soda, dish soap, and hydrogen peroxide can help neutralize the odor.

Germ-Free Humidifier: Add a pint of hydrogen peroxide to your humidifier to keep the water cleaner and prevent the growth of molds.

Cleanse Aquariums: Wipe down the walls of your fish tank with hydrogen peroxide to remove algae build-up.

Sticker Residue Remover: Soak the sticky area on jars or products in hydrogen peroxide for a few minutes, then wipe away.

Whiten Grout: Apply hydrogen peroxide to grout, let it sit, and scrub to brighten up discolored grout lines.


Eco-Friendly Pesticide: Spray a diluted hydrogen peroxide solution on plants to deter pests without using harsh chemicals.

Lunchbox Freshener: Wipe down the inside of lunchboxes or coolers with hydrogen peroxide to eliminate bacteria and odors.

Sanitize Reusable Shopping Bags: Spritz the insides of reusable bags to kill bacteria and freshen them up.

Enhance Compost: Spraying your compost pile with a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide can boost decomposition rates.

Refresh Sponges: Soak sponges in hydrogen peroxide to kill lingering bacteria and give them a new lease on life.

Descale Kettles: Boil a mixture of equal parts water and hydrogen peroxide to break down mineral deposits inside electric kettles.

Preserve Freshness of Produce: Lightly spray fruits and veggies with hydrogen peroxide and then rinse, to keep them fresh and extend shelf life.

Clarify Windows: A spritz and a wipe on mirrors and windows can replace commercial window cleaners.

Clean Makeup Brushes: Swirl your brushes in a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water to sanitize them.

Stain Remover for Clothes: Apply directly to blood, wine, or other organic stains on clothes, let it sit, then rinse and launder.

Revive Shower Curtains: Wipe down plastic or vinyl shower curtains with hydrogen peroxide to remove mildew and soap scum.

De-fog Goggles: Wipe the inside of swimming or diving goggles with hydrogen peroxide to prevent fogging.

Sprout Booster: Soaking seeds in hydrogen peroxide before planting can boost germination rates.

Remember, hydrogen peroxide can bleach certain materials and can be harmful in high concentrations. Always use it with caution, ideally in a 3% solution for most of these hacks, and test on a small area first if unsure.


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