I truly believe that when people share their experiences and how they overcame struggles in life, it, in turn, go forth to help many others to overcome their struggles and conquer what seem sometimes to be insurmountable challenges.

Hello and welcome to Grapes and splendor….. my name is Austin and I am the editor in chief of this blog.

I started blogging to help especially moms run their home like a boss.

While growing up, I was just really helpful around the home and I learned a lot from both my mom and grandmother.

This blog is dedicated to helping both young and not so young moms with great hacks and ideas to make their lives much easier.

The Blog

This blog is about a home life and some of the good things that can be done at home and how to do them well without causing harm to yourself and others. The things I  write about include saving money for different reasons, making money in different ways that are real and practical. Preparing good food for the family while saving as much as you can in the process. Living well while being frugal. Doing practical things at home like budgeting for all the things we use up such as electricity, water, internet and so on. Dating tips and ideas to make marriage life so much sweeter. 

Living in a home include getting it messy at times. We need some shortcuts, hacks and healthy ways to make the best of how we manage our homes. Join me on this journey as I share these tips with you, you will find it very empowering and educational.

Tips include Organization, Cleaning Hacks, Budgeting, Money saving, Meal planning, Dating and so much more…

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