There are many vegetables that you can grow, but not all of them may be able to cut and they come again without replanting. There are many vegetables that you can grow that way. Cut and come again gardening, helps to boost more food without extra planning, and you don’t have to plant the crop, over again.

Plants that grow their leaves in a cluster, and form a circular pattern, is very good for cut and come again reaping, also leafy green vegetables, are wonderful cut and come again plants.  You probably are at your wit’s end to know, which vegetables you may plant, to fall in the category of the cut and come again plants.  Below I will be sharing with you 8 of these types of vegetable plants.


This plant is called a perennial plant because it still keeps going year after year.  Probably you would call it a plant, that is hard to die.  Whenever this plant is fully matured, all you have to do is keep cutting off from the soil level.  This will encourage new shoots and you just continue the cutting when they are mature.


Basil is a plant that grows very fast.  It loves to grow in the sunshine.  The leaves of the basil make delicious flavoring for, soups and a lot more recipes.  To keep this plant coming again, cut about 1/4 inch, above the node, and new leaves will eventually appear.

Chinese Cabbage


This is a green leafy vegetable, that was originally grown by the Chinese.  It grows just like celery with a large base and broad green leaves.  For a cut and come again harvest, you may remove the outer leaves, or cut the entire plant, leaving a few inches of growth. Doing this will help the plant to re-sprout.

Collard Green


This vegetable falls into the family of kale and broccoli.  Collard green leaves grow in a circle and are very loose.  This is a cruciferous vegetable, which can take up to 30 days to mature.  While waiting for maturity, it can still be eaten by snipping the outer leaves, at the base of the stalk.


Kale is similar to cabbage, only that it has no head.  It is available in shades of green and purple colors.  The difference with the kale from the cabbage is that the leaves of the kale are crinkly or flat.  For this plant to cut and come again, you can slice off the young leaves from the plant to use in your salads, and if the season s right, you will be having kale, for a long time.


Fresh arugula leaves on white wooden background

Arugula is a leafy vegetable, which is mostly added to homemade juices.  This plant is an autumn plant, because of it’s love for the cooler seasons.  It grows really fast and can be harvested three weeks after planting.  To cut and come back again, you just need to cut the older outside leaves, and it will regrow in the area you have cut.

I hope the above list will assist you to decide which vegetables you can plant, that will give you the cut and come back again effect you need.

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